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Comprehensive Utilization of Iron Ore Tailings in China

2016-05-03 11:24:58   XinHai    Views (102)
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With the rapid development of economy, iron ore tailings is increased. However, iron tailings are  not dealt timely. Nowadays, government pay more attention on mine environment,  and our mine industry begin to comprehensive utilize the iron ore tailings. Our  tailings comprehensive utilization has a late start, but has a quick development.

Nowadays, we have a great development in tailings  comprehensive utilization technology, especially in tailings reprocess, recover  valuable metal and the research on tailings used as building materials, and  also research on tailings used as goaf filling material, soil amendment, tracer  element fertilizer and tailing depot replacement.

Iron ore tailings comprehensive utilization is one of the  word difficulties. Our first choice on iron ore tailings comprehensive  utilization is reprocess the tailings to recover valuable metal as much as  possible. With there are more and more chemical natures in tailings, we not  only need to improve the technology, but also need to manufacture advanced  equipment. As the tailings chemical nature is similar with clay, the processed  tailings can be the raw material as the building material, and it has high  economic value. Nowadays, the technology of making the tailings be the brick,  as the concrete cementitious material, and manufacturing the ceramics glass has  become more and more mature. So, it is urgent to find the most suitable iron  ore tailings comprehensive utilization method.

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