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Phase II Expansion of Iran copper successfully completed by Xinhai

2014-11-04 12:12:44   XinHai    Views (2018)
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Iran copper

Iran Fei Bike asked for help about the  mineral processing of its phase II expansion when they knew Xinhai had  investigation in Iron.

After signing the contract with Fei Bike, Xinhai started a detailed field investigation and took ore sample analysis.  We found that this copper is a large metal mines mainly including chalcopyrite,  hematite, pyrite and trace limonite etc.. In addition to the main copper and iron, it also associated with gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.  The main gangue minerals include biotite, quartz, and feldspar. For details,  please see the ore mineral composition table. 

Ore Mineral Composition  Table

Mineral Name Chalcopyrite Magnetite Iron pyrite Bornite Hematite Covelline Malachite Perlimonite
Contents(%) 1.90 24.48 0.14 0.16 0.24 Trace Trace Trace
Mineral Name Biotite Plagioclase Dolomite Quartz Chlorite Calcite Others  
Contents(%) 25.17 14.15 16.15 11.29 3.02 1.18 2.03  

Copper grade of Iran Fei bike copper ore  was 0.6 – 0.8% mainly including the chalcopyrite, followed by the bornite and  copper blue. Chalcopyrite was generally xenomorphic granular, partially star  point granular, and the individual was semi self-shape, disseminated in silicate and carbonate gangue with single crystalline grain and aggregate. Its general dissemination grain size is 0.037 ~ 0.825 mm, minority in 0.018 ~  0.074mm, the largest in 1.48 ~ 2.22 mm. Through the above analysis, Xinhai found  that the copper minerals were accessible to monomer dissociation. When the  grinding fineness reached 200 mesh 70%, monomer dissociation degree could reach  above 93%, which belonged to the easy selection ore.

By carrying on the investigation to phase  I dressing plant, Xinhai found that there  was three stages one closed-circuit crushing process, and the final crushing  particle size is -12mm; two stages continuous grinding to -200 mesh 70%;  followed by one roughing, one scavenging, two cleaning. Tailings of copper dressing  went through magnetic roughing to obtain coarse concentrate; regrinding  fineness to -200 mesh 92%; after two cleaning to obtain iron concentrate.  Concentrate dewatering included filtering and dehydrating operations, and the final product of copper concentrate contented moisture 14%, the iron ore  concentrate moisture 10%. 

In the grinding process design of phase II reconstruction production line, Xinhai added a cleaning operation based on the original dressing  line, which meaned two original cleaning was changed to three cleaning; and in iron  dressing line, Xinhai added a vertical pulse vibration magnetic separator in  order to improve iron concentrate; then adding a QYZ2100 x 3000 overflow type  ball mill, it used for fine grinding of product on high frequency vibration screen. These technical measures improved the grade of iron concentrate from the  original 61% to more than 63%. 

In the flotation process, Xinhai  selected an advanced KYF large flotation machine, and the reconstruction  dressing plant obtained pretty good flotation indexes in the application. 
After putting into production, the  dressing plant reached the designed capacity in 1 month by scientific and  reasonable phase II reconstruction. After 3 month, the processing capacity of dressing plant broke through 5200t/d, and reached the design capacity of 130%. The  water content of tailings reached below 15% by Xinhai tailings dry stacking  technology. 
This phase II reconstruction improved  Iran Fei bike copper from crushing to flotation stage,detailed parameters as  follows:

Final crushing product accounted for 74%  of -6mm; grinding fineness -200 mesh is greater than or equal to 75%; iron  concentrate fineness of -200 mesh is more than or equal to 98%; tailings fineness of -200 mesh is more than or equal to 68%; iron concentrate grinding  fineness of -270 mesh is greater than or equal to 83%; recovery rate and concentrate  grade index of iron and copper kept synchronization with annual budget  management assessment index.

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