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“The Belt and Road Initiative” – Iran 300t/d Gold EPC Project Achieved New Progress

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Today is the Lantern Festival that friends and family should be gathered enjoyably. But some of Xinhai people still stayed in Iran Sharaf Abbad Gold EPC Project site that is thousands of miles away from China, they are fighting in the first line, and composing the new story of modern “The Belt and Road” cooperation with full working enthusiasm.

The Belt and Road Initiative

In February, the severe winter of Iran Sharaf Abbad gold EPC project Project Design

300t/d Sharaf Abbad gold EPC project adopted gravity separation + flotation process and tailings dry discharge process. In May 2016, clients commissioned Xinhai to carry on the beneficiation test after collecting the test samples on site. After finished the test in July, Xinhai recommended the “gravity separation + flotation process”, and the products would be mainly gravity concentrate and flotation concentrate with the gold recovery rate up to 87%.

On-site investigation of Xinhai engineers

The discussion on design plan betweewn Xinhai technical engineering team and customers

In order to provide mineral processing solutions to customers timely and effectively, Xinhai repeatedly assigned engineers to learn the mineral resources and construction conditions. Then Xinhai also assisted customers to collect and integrate all kinds of resources information for providing professional advices on plant location, design and construction.

At the scene of the contract signing between Xinhai Chairman Zhang Yunlong and Iran Jinkaiwang Mining Co. , Ltd.

In August 2016, Xinhai signed EPC contract with customer formally. According to the characteristics of the project, Xinhai designed all mineral processing plant contents for customer including site planning, plant design, storehouse, laboratory, supporting living and office facility, power distribution and water in the workshop, as well as auxiliary facilities, monitoring system and tailings heap design, etc. New Progress of Project Construction

At present, the project has entered the civil construction stage. However, the local cold climate brought a big challenge for the normal construction. In order to ensure the project construction schedule, Xinhai technical engineers communicated with customers for several times, and then adjusted the construction scheme timely.

Although the bitter winter caused inconvenience for construction, Xinhai people still proceeding as planned.

The negotiation of solving the problems in construction process between Xinhai engineers and clients.

Nowadays, the civil construction of this project has been completed including the main processing factory, the infrastructure work of screening, dewatering and flotation workshop. It is expected to be finished in the second half of this year, and then the project will be put into operation.

The smooth proceeding of civil construction of this project.

Since China proposed “The Belt and Road” for the first time in 2013, China has been carried out deep cooperation with many countries along the route in mining field, which provides an important chance for mining enterprise to achieve multinational, high level and deep-seated cooperation in mining field. As a professional team who has many years’ experience of EPC service, Xinhai grasped the marketing demand of international mining industry accurately, and actively devoted to the strategy construction of “The Belt and Road”. Xinhai established Iran Teheran office in September 2016, and then quickly entered the marketing of Middle East mining equipment and services with our own technology and service advantages.

Through the developing of Iran Sharaf Abbad gold EPC project, Xinhai is showing our service and value connotation to customers by our practical action. Relying on “The Belt and Road Initiative “, Xinhai will still strengthen our industry construction, and also create professional, considerate and intensive EPC service for more enterprises and customers.

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