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Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber Used in Shooting Range

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Recently, Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber Company has delivered a batch of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber sheet to a shooting range. These rubber sheets were used in shooting range upgrading of local army and police system in Xinjiang, Kunming, Shenzhen and other places. This was the first time that Xinhai provided batch supplying of wear-resistant rubber sheet for shooting range construction of the military police system, which represented that Xinhai wear-resistant rubber improved another level in shooting range application, and broke the monopoly position of some foreign enterprise in this industry.

shooting range

The application of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber sheet in the indoor shooting range

As the world’s second enterprise and the only one enterprise in China who has wet wear-resistant rubber technology, Xinhai wear-resistant rubber developed “liquid phase nanoparticles formula, normal temperature high-frequency solidification” technology, Xinhai wear-resistant rubber kept at the international leading level in wear resistance, resilience and tear resistance.

Wear index128%

Resilience 80%

Tensile Strength 23.5MP

Tear strength 168N/mm

Wear-resistant Rubber

The show of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber sheet

Xinhai wear-resistant rubber is more durable than alloy steel in the slurry, and it was widely used in the field of high abrasion resistance in mines, building materials, chemical industry and sandstone factory. Now Xinhai wear-resistant rubber showed its performance in the international shooting ranges by virtue of its excellent resilience and tear resistance.

Xinhai wear-resistant rubber contains more than 95% natural rubber, which had excellent wear resistance, resilience, and tear resistance. When the bullet crossed the rubber target surface, the rubber would be self-closed quickly, leaving only a bullet hole like the pinhole.

It proved that the 500mm*500mm size of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber sheet could stand the shooting from a 7.62 mm pistol with 25,000 continuous rounds. That was the magic power of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber sheet with safer, cleaner and more durable performance, so it won the recognition from the shooting range.


The application of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber sheet in the outdoor shooting range

Xinhai wear-resistant rubber has super wear resistance and super elasticity performance, which can pass the intense training with the military police time after time, felt their sweat and smile, as well as witnessed the strength promotion of Chinese military police! Yantai Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber Company would take this as an opportunity to further study the application of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, reduce research and development costs, and hope to make a breakthrough in more fields.

Further Reading

Knowledge points about the rubber

Wear resistance of rubber depends on the content of pure rubber material in the rubber products and the length of rubber chain. The only manufacturer keeps the high content of pure rubber material in the production process, reduce the destruction of rubber chain, can rubber improve the wear resistance.

Unique Xinhai wet wear-resistant rubber technology

Through constantly exploring research, Xinhai found the rubber chemicals that can mix with natural latex. Xinhai adopted advanced nanometer strengthening technology, introduced advanced American equipment to deal with the nanometer material surface, combined with natural rubber latex firmer, mixed more even, especially when the selection of curing agent, the curing agent selected by Xinhai can mix natural rubber latex with nanometer auxiliaries more solid.

The application of Xinhai rubber sheet


The wear-resistant rubber embedded in the feeding port of the hydrocyclone and pump impeller greatly reduced the abrasion of the material flow equipment.

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