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Xinhai Flotation Machine Delivered Iran Help Boost “One Belt And One Road”

2018-05-18 11:31:49   XinHai    Views (1224)
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Recently, Xinhai handed over a perfect report card to Iran 500tph iron floatation project. For now, the required flotation equipment had been completed and was shipped in late March.

The story of how we knew this customer, and came to be on such good terms with him was a funny one, which can be traced back to the 2016 IranConMin. As a leading enterprise in China’s mining equipment, Xinhai was invited to attend the IranConMin in November 2016. The exhibition, Xinhai mineral processing EPC service (design and research, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery) attracted a lot of the Middle East customers, including Parman Pooyesh, project leader of Iran 500tph iron floatation project. Mr. Parman conducted in-depth discussions on “efficiency, recovery rate, energy-saving” with Xinhai technical personnel in the communication process. According to the project experience accumulated in Sudan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Xinhai technicians put forward an effective solution to Mr. Parman. He said, the professional strength that Xinhai expressed left a deep impression on him.

After the exhibition, Mr. Parman learned more about Xinhai’s mineral processing EPC power through YouTube video. Each tailored mineral processing EPC project is the best proof of Xinhai’s equipment quality and service ability. In addition, Mr. Parman also learned that Xinhai had established Teheran office in September 2016 and assumed several mineral processing EPC projects in Iran, which further promoted this cooperation.

Comparing with several mineral processing factories at home and aboard, Mr. Parman finally chose Xinhai. In the early stage, xinhai mineral processing laboratory carried out an optional test, which showed that the sulfur in the iron ore mainly existed as pyrite, which can be removed by xanthate flotation. Finally, two parties signed a contract about sixteen floatation machines on December 11, 2017.


On March 13, 2018, Mr. Parman and four project engineers arrived at Xinhai headquarters for equipment inspection. Factory director accompanied customers to visit Xinhai’s office, ore dressing laboratory, equipment manufacturing plant, etc. what’s more, Factory director explained each parameter of Xinhai flotation machine and its improvements to customer. Customers were very satisfied with it, the flotation machine one-time check and accept percent of pass to be achieved 100%.


With the implementation of the “One Belt And One Road” Initiative, the bilateral trade between China and Iran will be more and more convenient. Xinhai is actively expanding its mineral processing market in Iran and the Middle East, and has carried on the business negotiation with many mining companies in the Middle East, then successfully reached cooperation intentions. Xinhai will take it as an opportunity to provide customers with more efficient, environmentally friendly and comprehensive mineral processing EPC service.

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