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Xinhai: Application Examples of Efficient Desorption Electrolysis System

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Xinhai desorption electrolytic system often applies in loaded carbon process of CIP, which can make the gold separate from the loaded carbon and subside to high-grade gold mud. It is featured with high efficiency, low consumption, and fast operation, and it is the essential supporting system for the production of finished gold.

Desorption Electrolysis System


Xinhai desorption electrolytic system is a gold processing system that has high efficiency, low consumption, and fast operation. This system has the high degree of automation, complete and safe facilities, excellent technical indicators and reliable operation.

1. High efficiency

After desorption electrolysis, most lean carbon grade is at the lower level. When the grade of loaded carbon is 3000g/t, the rate of desorption electrolysis is up to 96%.

Compared with usual desorption electrolysis device, Xinhai desorption electrolysis system can reduce 3-4 times of lean carbon grade, which is conducive to stabilize the lifting grade in the process of carbon adsorption and increase adsorption rate, it also reduces the gold loss of cyanide tailings and improves recovery rate of cyaniding.

2. Speed

The temperature of desorption electrolysis is up to 150℃, the working pressure is up to 0.5Mpa which is higher 0.2 0.5Mpa than the conventional system, so the desorption electrolysis time is very fast, which can be done within 12 to 14 hours, saved more three times than conventional system.

3. Low consumption

The e desorption electrolysis has the same temperature, which doesn’t need for heat exchanging. Because it’s fast work, the amount of electricity consumption is 1/2 to 1/4 of the conventional system.

4. Cyanide-free

Desorption solution doesn’t need sodium cyanide, so the cost is low and without pollution.

The system can provide cathode materials according to user requirements; it also has a higher grade of gold mud than the conventional system. It doesn’t require anti-electrolysis, and it is easy to extract gold mud, which saves the smelting cost.

5. Automatic control

Liquid buffer device – Due to liquid vaporization and pressure changes in the running process, the liquor quantity will change correspondingly. So the system is designed for liquid buffer device, the device can offset liquid change automatically and maintain the normal operation of the system.

Temperature control system – when the temperature reaches the set value, the system automatically will disengage some electric heaters, and the rest of electric heater will automatically maintain working temperature. If the system temperature is lower than the limit set, start the disengaged electric heaters, the temperature of the system will remain stable in the set value.

6. Three safety measures

In order to guarantee the system safety, Xinhai adopts three safety measures:

First, self-intelligence. When the circulation pump is not running, the fluid in the system will not flow. In order to prevent local high-temperature vaporization, the electric heater will automatically cut the power. When the pressure of certain place rises due to blocking, the electric heater also automatically stop working. After the circulation pump recover or the pressure decrease, the electric heater will automatically put into work.

Second, special pressure release device. When the system pressure rises to a certain value, this device will automatically open to release pressure and adjust the pressure to the normal value.

Third, the safety valve. This measure is available only above two measures fail.

System structure

The system mainly consists of desorption, electrolytic, instrument control, pipe valve and so on. Each part influence with each other and form a complete system.

Process flow

process flow


Xinhai Tanzania 1200tpd gold ore dressing project

Xinhai Tanzania 1200tpd gold ore dressing project

Desorption electrolytic system of this project was one of the core equipment of “all-sliming cyanidation CIP technology for gold extraction”. The desorption electrolysis was a complete system. Here was the whole picture of Xinhai desorption electrolysis system.

Xinhai Zimbabwe 700tpd rock gold ore dressing project

Xinhai Zimbabwe 700tpd rock gold ore dressing project

The newly installed desorption electrolysis.

Leaching system absorbed saturated loaded gold charcoal, then sent them to high temperature and high-pressure desorption electrolysis system for gold processing. The gold mud had the high gold grade, which was sent to high-frequency smelting furnace after cleaning, the final product was alloy gold.

Xinhia Sudan 500tpd gold ore dressing project

Xinhia Sudan 500tpd gold ore dressing project

This process was mainly composed of desorption and electrolysis two parts. Separated desorption process from electrolysis process, and made the solvent desorption finish in comprehensive desorption tower, and electrolysis of pregnant solution was done in the independent electrolytic cell.

Packing and delivery



Packing and delivery

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