Ranking of Ball Mill Manufacturer in Domestic
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Ranking of Ball Mill Manufacturer in Domestic

2016-02-25 XinHai Views (934)

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China production technology of ball mill is now more advanced, such  as use of pneumatic clutch, double row spherical roller bearings, hybrid  bearing, oil mist lubrication device, wear-resistant cast steel liner,  wear-resistant rubber lining, and a series of automatic control devices. At the  same time, in the recent 20 years, ball mill is also in the trend of  large-scale development. For example, Xinhai produces the  grid ball mill with the diameter of 4.5m, length of 6m; overflow ball mill with  the diameter of 4.5m, lengths of 6.1m. Now, the specifications and models are  growing, the degree of automation are increasing. Many domestic ball mill  manufacturers (for instance, Xinhai with the ranking  of top three ball mill manufacturer in domestic) produced the ball mill, and  the technology has achieved even more than developed countries.

Although the ranking of the ball mill manufacturers always changes  in domestic, Xinhai has maintained the ranking of  top three. In domestic, xinhai is an important metallurgical machinery  manufacturing company. With more than two decades of development, Xinhai has  rich talent resources, fully reinforced and manufacturing various kinds of  different specifications ball mill. And the quantity and quality of their  products occupied a dominant place at home and abroad.

Ball mills produced by Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., the  ranking of top three ball mill manufacturer in domestic, include energy-saving  grid and overflow ball mill, wet grid ball mill and overflow ball mil, etc. And  these productions are produced in strict accordance with international  standards, suitable for different hardness of ore, coal and other various  grinding materials.

Xinhai can also  design and produce new specifications and models of ball mill for the clients  according to their demands. According to the demands of ore samples,  production, and size requirements requested by the customers, xinhai can  propose the appropriate model of ball mill for the customers on the basis of  grinding experiments and calculations. It can also offers a range of optimum  operation conditions of the ball mill, so that the ball mill produce the  particle size to meet the requirements, energy consumption, and reduce the  steel consumption to a minimum.

Ball mill produced by xinhai have advantages of fine grinding, low  energy consumption, low steel consumption, high operation rate, good  maintenance, and long life-span. Above all, focusing on the principle of  customer benefit, that is the main reason why Xinhai can rank into the top three among other ball mill manufacturers in domestic.