In recent years, "Green Mining" has become an inevitable choice for mining enterprises. As the "waste" after mineral processing, tailings has been recognized as the potential secondary resource, but traditional tailings wet discharging violates the principle "Green Mining". Instead, tailings dry stacking greatly alleviates the pressure tailings capacity, reduces the potential risk and environment pollution of tailings pond, and improves the re-utilization rate of tailings.Back in 2009, Xinhai proposed the concept of "tailings dry stacking". And Xinhai has been committed to the development and innovation of tailings dry stacking over the last decade, which was designed to customize the most suitable tailings dry stacking and the best-value dewatering equipment, help the construction of "Green Mining ".

Why Choose Xinhai Tailings Dry Stacking?

Compared with others, Xinhai tailings dry stacking can save at least 2 yuan/ton, ensure the final water content is less than 15%. And the service life of this process is twice times of other’s. Besides, they can be widely used in building materials, soil fertilizer, bashing, open pit filling, land reclamation, damming, realizing the secondary utilization of tailings.

  • Taking 3000t/d tailings processing plant as an example, Xinhai tailings dry stacking saved the cost of 375~ 6.25 million Yuan per year, the rate of return water was over 90%.

  • Calculated on 15 Yuan/ton, the mine company need pay taxes over 1.485 million Yuan per year.

  • Calculated on 2 Yuan/ ton, the tailings can obtain at least 198000 Yuan per year.

  • Calculated on 1.5 Yuan/ m3, reuse of water resources can be saved as 230万m3 per year, with a cost of 3.45 million Yuan per year.

Customize each Process Suited to Local Conditions

Tailings laboratory—Customize the best tailings dry stacking process and equipment

According to "solid content of supernatant to measure settling velocity/ compression concentration" settlement test and sizing assay test, Xinhai tailings laboratory concludes a series of data, such as grain size, concentration, composition, silt content, then selects the most suitable flocculants from thousands of kinds of flocculants by combining with the requirement of backwater quality. After that, Xinhai tailings designers designs the best-value tailings dry stacking process and equipment selection according to the test results and actual conditions.

Coarse-grained tailings dry stacking:

Slurry Pump + Hydrocyclone + Dewatering Screen + Deep Cone Thickener

Medium-grained tailings dry stacking:

Slurry Pump + Hydrocyclone + Dewatering Screen + Deep Cone Thickener + Ceramic Filter

Fine-grained tailings dry stacking:

Slurry Pump + Hydrocyclone + Dewatering Screen + Deep Cone Thickener + Press Filter

Ultra fine-grained tailings dry stacking:

Slurry Pump + Deep Cone Thickener + Press Filter

Tailings dry stacking test-bed—the first one in China

Xinhai tailings research institute had built the first tailings dry stacking test-bed in 2009. And all tailings dry stacking processes that Xinhai designs can be commissioned on it firstly, which ensures the stable and efficient operation of tailings dry stacking process.

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Better Equipment Makes for Good Work

Xinhai tailings dry stacking research and development team has improved most equipment used in tailings dry stacking by combining with many years of practice experience, and successfully obtained more than 10 national patents. These equipment was designed to prolong the service life, reduce equipment area and save equipment investment on the premise of guaranteeing the best effect.

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Good Process Speaks for Itself

Sichuan an Iron Tailings Dry Stacking Project

  • Background

    The annual processing capacity of Sichuan iron ore dressing was 1.3 million tons. Initially, this project used traditional tailings wet discharging, the concentration was about 20%, and the tailings was directly discharged into the tailings pond. Facing with the problems of maintenance, construction and environment pollution, the customer decided to entrust Xinhai to customize the whole set of tailings dry stacking.

  • Process

    After the detailed analysis of actual tailings indexes, Xinhai designed its process and equipment according to local conditions: hydrocyclone + efficient deep cone thickener + high frequency dewatering screen joint process, the whole tailings dry stacking only spent 4.2 million.

  • Result

    Finally, the tailings discharging concentration was above 85%, the recovery rate of filtrate was more than 90%, which not only avoided the hidden troubles of tailings pond, but also effectively saved the water resource more than 6 million m3/year, which was up to 7.2 million Yuan/year at least.


Classic Technical Team

Yu Yongjiang, Xinhai technical director, is the first man who applied the theory of tailings dry stacking in practice in China, and leads Xinhai technical team to develop advanced Tailings dry stacking test-bed.

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Rich Project Experience

So far, Xinhai has undertaken tailings dry stacking projects more than 50 at home and abroad, and successfully completed more than 30 tailings dry stacking upgrading projects.

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High-end Quality

In 2008, Xinhai obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and EU certification, and provided high-efficient, energy-saving and reliable tailings dry stacking proce for customers!

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