• Congratulate on the Strategic Partnership between Xinhai and CNMC
  • Tailings: Turn Waste into Wealth Create the Green Mine
  • Congratulate on the Strategic Partnership bet

    On April 10, Xinhai Mining (NEEQ: 836079) successfully signed the mining development strategic

  • Xinhai Attended 11th Annual Mines And Money A

    On April 4, Mines and Money, Asia's largest gathering of miners and investors, brought together

  • Tailings: Turn Waste into Wealth Create the

    As the increasing exploration of global mineral resources, the concept of "useless tailings" ha

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Project construction site in Pakistan

Salute Every Xinhai People for Their Fight in the Front Line!

“The sun is parching the earth like a big fireball, and the grass near the road is almost burning. The searing air makes people hard to take a breath. Without a breeze, the cannas along the road almost withers.” A child described the summer of 2018 in an essay. However, a group of Xinhai people is still striving for completing each project delivery as scheduled in the scorching sun.

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The Working Efficiency of Thickener Isn’t Good, What’s the Problem?

Thickener is mainly applied in slurry thickening, dewatering and classification in mineral processing plant. But there are many factors that affect thickening effect in the process of production, such as low thickening efficiency, too much overflow water, low underflow concentration.

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new force

2018 Xinhai New Force

With summer here, a gr oup of young people who had never met before gathered in Xinhai. During the ten-day induction training, they have successfully completed their "ten-day tour" with full enthusiasm. Let's take a look at their wonderful journey.

tailings reprocessing

Xinhai Tailings Reprocessing Technology

While the mineral processing industry was in its early years of development, most mineral processing plants adopted low-level management mode due to the limited economic level and ore beneficiation technology, which not only increased the amount of tailings discharge, but also caused mine resources waste.

Mineral Solution

  • gold-cip-process

    Tailings Reprocessing Technology, New Way to Achieve Resurrection of Hundred Million Tons of Tailings

    2018-12-28 XinHai Views (772)

    Therefore, the tailings reprocessing technology not only greatly reduces the tailings storage and utilization rate, but also brings considerable economic benefits.

  • Fluorite-mineral

    How to Separate Fluorite Mineral?

    2018-12-12 XinHai Views (1049)

    Ordinarily, fluorite mineral is suitable for gravity separation and flotation separation. Xinhai thinks that jig could be used in the gravity separation for the crude Fluorite mineral lump ore.

  • flotationmachine

    Introduction of Molybdenum Mineral Processing Technology

    2018-10-26 XinHai Views (1812)

    According to the existence form of molybdenum mineral, molybdenum mineral processing technology can be divided into single molybdenum mineral processing technology and copper-molybdenum mineral processing technology.

  • TailingsProcessing

    Who is the Best Tailings Processing Technical Specialist?

    2018-07-17 XinHai Views (3198)

    In recent years, China has been advocating circular economy and sustainable development, especially in the recycling of mineral resources (mainly mine tailings). At present, the main problem is that many mineral processing plants do not have their mine design and research institutes, so they can’t design the most reasonable tailings process.

  • Hematite

    Introduction of the Latest Hematite Ore Dressing Process

    2018-07-13 XinHai Views (3275)

    China is the largest iron ore production and consumption power in the world, but the domestic iron ore is featured with “lean, fine, mixed”, which urges Chinese people to make a lot of research on iron ore dressing process.