• Coming!Xinhai EPC Service Extended into EPC+

    At the early spring of 2019, Xinhai, as the leader and extender of mineral processing turn-key

  • 【Case】 Morocco 500tpd Silver Ore Flotation

    Along with the express way in Agadir Morocco to the east, into Tallouine Tarudan, several miles

  • Six Factors Affecting Gold Leaching in Cyanid

    At present, the most common gold extraction method for this kind of gold mine is gold cyanide l

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Xinhai Mining: 2019 Mid-year Inventory Came Out!

Time flies, 2019 is almost half over. Looking back on the first half of the year, Xinhai Mining has delivered a satisfactory report card. Next, All Xinhai people will also be committed to providing customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service, and building a modern mining enterprise with rich benefits for each customer.


Xinhai: The Latest Site Delivery of Mineral Processing Projects

A few days ago, the mineral processing equipment that Xinhai Mining produced for a number of major projects has been successfully shipped to, which served the mineral processing plants around the world with the excellent quality.

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How to Add Steel Ball Correctly to Improve Ball Mill Grinding Efficiency?

As one of the commonly used equipment in mineral processing, the quantity and proportion of steel balls in ball mill barrel not only affect the grinding efficiency and production capacity of ball mill, but also affect the ball mill’s service life.


Is The Vibrating Screen Screening Efficiency Too Low? Are These Five Performance Parameters Correct?

In the actual beneficiation plant, many mine owners have encountered the problem that the vibrating screen fail to reach the predetermined processing capacity and the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is low. As an important vibrating screen, the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen will directly affect the quality and investment cost of the final product. When it comes to the screening efficiency of vibrating screen, many factors will make a difference, such as material properties, equipment structure and various performance parameters.

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new force

2018 Xinhai New Force

With summer here, a gr oup of young people who had never met before gathered in Xinhai. During the ten-day induction training, they have successfully completed their "ten-day tour" with full enthusiasm. Let's take a look at their wonderful journey.

tailings reprocessing

Xinhai Tailings Reprocessing Technology

While the mineral processing industry was in its early years of development, most mineral processing plants adopted low-level management mode due to the limited economic level and ore beneficiation technology, which not only increased the amount of tailings discharge, but also caused mine resources waste.

Mineral Solution

  • ore

    How to Separate Lead and Zinc Ores on Earth?

    2019-07-05 XinHai Views (345)

    Among many minerals, lead and zinc ores are difficult to be separated. And totally, lead and zinc have poor mines more than rich mines and with complicated component. It is an important topic to research how to separate lead and zinc ore in high efficiency.

  • rare-earth

    Why Are Rare Earth Ores So Difficult to Separate? Reason Is Actually……

    2019-06-18 XinHai Views (798)

    For more than four big problems, our country has been constantly developing new technology, cultivate new talents, has developed the corresponding policy in respect of rare earth pollution, in addition to strengthen environmental management, also established the access of mining production, for ionic rare earth are prohibited pool leaching, heap leaching, such as backward technology, and in view of environmental protection enterprises to make implementation of business management. In the past decades, China’s extensive development of rare earth resources has led to the loss of a large number of rare earth resources, so it is necessary for China to control the development of rare earth.

  • ore-dressing-test

    Which Flotation Process Should be Selected for Your Flotation Plant?

    2019-06-03 XinHai Views (1298)

    Flotation process refers to the general term that the slurry flows through the various operations during ore flotation. In flotation operations, different flotation processes should be adopted for different types of ore. Therefore, the flotation process can reflect the technological characteristics of the ore.

  • ball-mill

    Difficult to Separate Fine Minerals by Flotation? Why Don’t Try Like This?

    2019-05-28 XinHai Views (1322)

    In the actual production process, if selecting mineral grains are very fine, can refer to the above listed seven fine particle flotation process measures, at the same time, combining the actual situation of flotation plant itself in the comprehensive analysis of fine-grained mineral properties and flotation process, flotation reagents, corresponding solving measures, in order to improve the efficiency of fine particle flotation plant mineral flotation, achieve the effect of flotation.

  • iron-ore-dressing

    Four Kinds of Hematite Ore Dressing Processes, Which One Should You Choose?

    2019-05-24 XinHai Views (1300)

    Hematite ore has the wide distribution and involves many kinds of minerals. Therefore, the hematite ore separation methods are not single, mainly including flotation process, magnetic separation process, gravity separation process and roasting magnetic separation process.

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