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How to Extract Gold with Microbial Heap Leaching?

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Now, heap leaching is a popular way to separate gold from ore. Gravity, flotation,  amalgamation, cyaniding, resin in pulp, carbon plasma adsorption and dump  leaching are commonly used in gold processing. When gold ore is covered by  sulfide ore, it is hard for cyanide to react with gold ore within. Microbe  could be used to dissolve sulfide cover for the following heap leaching stage.  We will introduce microbe mining processing method in this article.

Moderate  thermophile and thermophilic bacteria are the most commonly used microbes in  leaching, such as Sulfur thermophilic bacillus, thermal oxide vulcanization  coli, sulphur bacteria and thiobacillus ferrous oxide. These microbes obtain  energy they need in metabolic process according to oxide sulfide ore. There are  three types microbe leaching: contact leaching mechanism, indirect leaching  mechanism and collaboration leaching mechanism.

Contact  leaching mechanism: bacteria secrete EPS to absorb on the ore surface. In the  adsorbed layer, bacteria oxide Fe2+ which  are produced in the sulfide oxidation into Fe3+ and  change low valence S into ferric iron. Fe3 and  H+d  oxide sulfide continuously,  and sulfide oxide the baluable gold while the iron are oxide by bacteria into  ferric iron.

Indirect  leaching mechanism: free bacteria suspend in leaching liquid is ferric iron  which react with ore surface to expose the gold within. Collaboration leaching:  there are both bacteria contact leaching mechanism and indirect contact  leaching mechanism. These three mechanisms are widely accepted by most of  scholars.

Microbial  heap leaching process is: raw material—crushing—spray leaching—sodium  sulfide precipitating silver—active carbon adsorbing gold—disabsorpting  gold bearing carbon—pregnant solution—drying gold mud—gold fine casting  gold. XINHAI is opened up focusing on gold mining, who has decades years of  experiences in gold mining. Welcome your consultant and inquiry.

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