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Gold Tailing Disposal Technology

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Gold tailing disposal is important in the mining processing, while gold  tailing dam is the important part in mining processing plant. Traditional gold  tailing dam is a great threat to resident nearby. There are some ways to  prevent threat from gold tailing.

Technology of high-effect dehydration — pressure  filtration of tailing. Usually, tailing is thicken to 50% to 60% through thickener  and then transfer to tailing dam by diaphragm pump. Water in tailing dam is recovered  according to permeation. Soil and water nearly are polluted during the  permeation. Gold tailing could be filtering to over 90% and transferred by belt  or truck to the dry tailing pile. We can reduce pollution according.

Tailings paste storage. Gold tailings will be thicken in paste thickener, because paste thicker has higher underflow concentration than common  thickener which will increase the degree of safety. Currently, paste storage  has two kinds: full tailing filling and tailing pile. In full tailing filling,  tailings are thicken in paste thickener and then transported to fill mine. This  way dealing with tailings could solve not only the tailing pollution but also  the threat from mine. Tailing pile method is that underflow from paste  thickener are transported to the tailing reservoir to pile.

Different gold tailings has different ways to deal with. Apart from  two way we discussed above, tailings could also be re-processed by flotation  and re-used as materials to produce construction materials.

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