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Xinhai: Cases of Gold Processing Projects

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Xinhai is committed to provide “mineral processing EPC service“, namely the plant of “design and research – complete equipment manufacturing and procurement – commissioning and delivery”, and has completed more than 500 projects. In these projects, Xinhai specialized in gold ore processing service, and has gradually developed as a feature of Xinhai mineral processing EPC service system.

Xinhai devoted continuously to development and innovation of gold process, technology and equipment. Through continuous development of new process, new technology and new equipment, Xinhai has helped more and more customers to improve each step and production index in the gold processing project.

Let us together to know Xinhai gold mill plant construction by combining several gold processing projects.

Tanzania 1200 t/d gold processing project

Tanzania 1200 td gold processing project

The gold project adopted all-slime cyanidation process. At the early stage of this project, Xinhai made a comprehensive and detailed planning in project management, construction technology, resource supplying and coordination work.

In the process of project construction, Xinhai balanced each measure and solved the problems in materials supplying, construction machinery, tools, technical workers, etc.

Most equipment needed for this project was thin-wall channel, then Xinhai adopted efficient and reasonable measures to solve the deformation problems of non-standard equipment in the process of hoisting and transportation, and ensured construction quality. Finally, the project was completed successfully.

Sudan 700t/d gold processing project

Sudan 700td gold processing project

Xinhai provided customer with the whole mineral processing EPC service, including mineral dressing test, mill plant design and construction drawing design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, mill plant construction and equipment installation, commissioning and completion, dressing plant mill plant service as a whole.

The ore of this project contains 2.97 g/t gold, the maximum size was 140mm, and the ore was dry and dusty. Xinhai provided scientific and perfect laboratory test research service, and took it as the basis of plant design and construction.

The project adopted all-slime cyanidation process: grinding used one closed circuit grinding process, grinding ore extracted the gold by CIP process, then gold loaded carbon was sent to desorption electrolysis system under high temperature and high pressure, then gold mud became alloy gold by smelting, the leaching tailings entered into pressure filtration and dry heaping.

The project was successfully put into production and got qualified products.

Sudan 1000t/d gold processing project

Sudan 1000td gold processing project

The project was based on scientific experimental research, and after communicated with the owner, Xinhai adopted scientific and reasonable which combined with practice tightly.

The plant adopted two closed-circuit crushing process, two stage grinding + gravity separation + two stage closed-circuit classifying process; The grinding product was extracted the gold by CIP process, then gold loaded carbon was sent to desorption electrolysis system under high temperature and high pressure, then gold mud became alloy gold by smelting, the leaching tailings entered into pressure filtration and dry heaping.

During the implementation of the project, Xinhai paid close attention to the progress of the project, strictly controlled the quality, focused on every detail, and ensured the smooth development of the project and finally passed the acceptance.

When providing customers with plant design and construction service, Xinhai also focused on resource conservation and ecological environment protection. Through providing the efficient and reasonable solutions in dust, noise, cyanide wastewater and tailings of this plant, Xinhai guaranteed high quality operation of the plant in the green production mode.

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