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What is the Mineral Processing Test?

2018-07-20 19:09:12   XinHai    Views (991)
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ore dressing test

Mineral processing test is the starting point of the ore dressing, the blueprint of the ore dressing, the direction mark of the ore dressing!

As we all know, if a person is sick, he needs to go to the hospital. And the doctor will determine his illness and pathology by the medical equipment, then customize an optimal treatment.
So does the mineral processing test. The useful mineral test completely finds out the ore properties, determines the ore types and masters its recycling useful elements, then a series of beneficiation process can be customized. After the contrast, the most suitable mineral processing process and the most effective agent system can be chosen, etc.

Xinhai has focused on mineral processing research for more than 30 years. Relying on its rich experience on mineral processing test, it has finished over 500 mineral processing EPC projects (including ore dressing experiment), and more than 70 kinds of ore types were involved.

Taking 2017 Malaysian CNMC gold ore dressing plant as an example. With the help of the ore dressing process tailored to the mineral processing test, the whole flow was completely finished within six months (including mine design, equipment manufacturing, plant construction, standard reached). Originally, the recovery rate of the test result was 93%, and the actual recovery rate increased by 2%.

Under the premise of considering the overall benefit and combining with energy-saving, water-saving, environmental protection with the actual operation, the qualified minerals and the maximized recovery rate can be obtained. Therefore, mineral processing teat not only provides the technical support to the mining, design and production, but also contributes to the development of green mining.

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