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Salute Every Xinhai People for Their Fight in the Front Line!

2018-08-24    Xinhai     Views(8537)

“The sun is parching the earth like a big fireball, and the grass near the road is almost burning. The searing air makes people hard to take a breath. Without a breeze, the cannas along the road almost withers.” A child described the summer of 2018 in an essay. However, a group of Xinhai people is still striving for completing each project delivery as scheduled in the scorching sun.

  • 23 2016-12

    Xinhai Grid Type Ball Mill

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    Xinhai decides to select MQGg 2145 Wet-Type Energy-Saving Ball Mill as the main grinding device. The ball mill grinding effect is high, the discharging granularity is more controllable.

  • 09 2016-12

    Xinhai:Do you really know mineral process test?

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    Mineral processing test is an important part of Xinhai mineral processing plant, which is also the technology base of construction and production of the plant. Xinhai mineral processing test can me

  • 27 2016-10

    Xinhai ——Another Rise in CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2016

    Xinhai     Views (2052)

    CHINA MINING Congress and Expo 2016 was held at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin on Sept.22nd-25th, 2016.Xinhai has participated in the Mining Congress and Expo for many years.

  • 01 2016-06

    Introduction to Flotation of Nonferrous Metal

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    The separation of copper sulphide minerals and iron sulfide minerals can also be called as the separation of copper and sulfur. Copper sulfur separation scheme is generally preferred flotation.

  • 19 2016-05

    Biological Leaching and Selection of Copper Production Line

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    At this time, “poor, fine, miscellaneous” copper ore dressing process – the biological leaching process was born. The following is a brief introduction of biological leaching of a copper production line.

  • 16 2016-05

    Gold Tailing Disposal Technology

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    Gold tailing disposal is important in the mining processing, while gold tailing dam is the important part in mining processing plant. Traditional gold tailing dam is a great threat to resident nearby. There are some ways to prevent threat from gold tailing.

  • 03 2016-05

    Comprehensive Utilization of Iron Ore Tailings in China

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    With the rapid development of economy, iron ore tailings is increased. However, iron tailings are not dealt timely. Nowadays, government pay more attention on mine environment, and our mine industry begin to comprehensive utilize the iron ore tailings.

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