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Salute Every Xinhai People for Their Fight in the Front Line!

2018-08-24    Xinhai     Views(7106)

“The sun is parching the earth like a big fireball, and the grass near the road is almost burning. The searing air makes people hard to take a breath. Without a breeze, the cannas along the road almost withers.” A child described the summer of 2018 in an essay. However, a group of Xinhai people is still striving for completing each project delivery as scheduled in the scorching sun.

  • 18 2015-11

    Indispensable Flotation Machine Impeller Cover

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    As a key component of mechanical flotation machine, impeller plays an important role of mixing, slurry circulating, and inhaled and air dispersion. Impeller design decides the ability of suspending

  • 17 2015-11

    Placer Gold Ore Separating Equipment

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    Gravity separation and cyaniding-leaching are generally used in actual dressing operation. Here, we will focus on gold gravity separating method.

  • 17 2015-09

    Aspects Needed Attention in Flotation Machines Maintenance and Repair

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    All above is some knowledge about the types and maintenance of flotation machines. It’s very necessary to have a deeper understanding of flotation machines, as for flotation technology is a more applied mineral processing method in current dressing plants.

  • 15 2015-09

    Efficient Improved Thickener Sludge Flow Analysis

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    Efficient Improved Thickener is mainly used for processing sludge and waste water, at present, it is widely used in the mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, building materials and environmental protection and others.

  • 14 2015-09

    How to Calculate the Capacity of the Thickener

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    Widely used in the factory of metallurgic, mining, coal and so on. Thickener can increase the concentration of solid particles, and after the settling work, the overflow can meet the requirements to be discharged directly.

  • 14 2015-09
  • 11 2015-09

    Xinhai – To Choose Your Models and Specifications of Ball Mill

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    It is always hard to make choice of the type and specification of ball mill, since there are many questions: which kind of type and specification will get the lowest cost of grinding?

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