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Salute Every Xinhai People for Their Fight in the Front Line!

2018-08-24    Xinhai     Views(10624)

“The sun is parching the earth like a big fireball, and the grass near the road is almost burning. The searing air makes people hard to take a breath. Without a breeze, the cannas along the road almost withers.” A child described the summer of 2018 in an essay. However, a group of Xinhai people is still striving for completing each project delivery as scheduled in the scorching sun.

  • 13 2015-08

    Energy Saving Ball Mill: Save Your Money

    Xinhai     Views (1642)

    Nowadays the main theme of world development is recycling economy with saving energy and reducing energy consumption.

  • 13 2015-08

    Comparative Analysis of Spiral Classifier and Hydrocyclone

    Xinhai     Views (1598)

    Spiral classifier and hydrocyclone are both mineral processing classifiers. The mineral processing classifier generally include four kinds, increased flow hydrocyclone classifier, cone classifier

  • 22 2015-07

    The Questions about Dressing Common Sense

    Xinhai     Views (1498)

    Dressing for most ordinary people may be unfamiliar with, why say this, the reason is because I often encounter such a thing. Because I am a worker of Xinhai mining machinery company

  • 20 2015-07

    Characteristic Analysis of the International Market Development of the Mining Machinery

    Xinhai     Views (2041)

    The fluctuations of the International mining machinery markets directly influence the ups and downs of the domestic markets

  • 17 2015-07

    Cyanide Leaching Process

    Xinhai     Views (2364)

    Cyanide Leaching process is the main method of extracting gold from the ore and the concentrate in modern time. It includes some basic steps, such as cyanide leaching, leaching pulp washing filter, pu

  • 15 2015-07

    Xinhai EPC Service of Gold Processing Scheme in Mali Africa 

    Xinhai     Views (2039)

    Gold processing project in Mali Africa is an EPC service project. It was signed by the African customer and Xinhai group when he came to China to have an inspection. The customer was originally to use

  • 09 2015-07

    Maintain and Overhaul Methods of the Ball Mills

    Xinhai     Views (2031)

    Ball mills are the most power consumption equipment in dressing plant, and the quality of the ball mills directly affects the productivity of the whole plant.

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