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JTQ-500, Advanced Gold Iron-removal Machine

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Gold Iron-removal Machine

Gold in the process of production or transportation can be mixed with steel components, so iron-removal is a necessary part when talking about the gold machine. So as to crush gold mine. It has a large particle size and typically through coarse crushing, middle crushing, and finely crushing work can it enter into mill grinding. As vital machine of the gold machine, Iron-removal can guarantee the gold machine security and crushing operation smoothly. Here recommend a kind of advanced gold iron-removal machine.

Gold mining machine will inevitably damage and loss, these steel debris usually mixed with ore to be delivered to the crushing plant together. If before the crushing operation failed to effectively remove this high hardness of steel components, in the heart of the crushing process it can cause a series of problems, such as liner damage, insurance device fault, jammed, etc. These failures not only destroy the gold machine structure, shorten the service life of a gold machine, increase the gold machine maintenance cost, but also will cause crushing process shutdown, bring a huge loss of the gold machine. So efficient and stable gold iron-removal machine is indispensable for all mill plant. JTQ series metal detector is an advanced gold iron-removal machine designed by Xinhai. This kind of iron remover can effectively resistance to electromagnetic interference, adapt to the use of magnetic and non-magnetic mine and effectively detect and remove the iron in the ore. The iron-remover has sound and light alarm system and in the production process can enable staff timely find the iron ore and guarantee the safety of the machine.

Xinhai is a professional gold mineral design company and provided numerous small and medium-sized gold machines. It’s gold iron-removal machine got excellent results in many product lines and is well received by the customers.

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