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Buy Iron Ore-Just come Xinhai

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It is common to process iron tailings. Many customers would ask where to buy iron ore Xinhai is a famous iron ore seller as well as manufacture of iron ore tailing dry discharge equipment which has reasonable price and best quality.

Where is to buy iron ore? Xinhai is your top priority to buy iron ore, and Xinhai manufacturing hydrocyclone which is special for processing ore for iron ore. we have XCI hydrocyclone, XCII hydrocyclone, XIII hydrocyclone and so on for iron ore. Every hydrocyclone has its different characters when processing iron ore mine.

XCI hydrocyclone has features as:

1)simple structure, and no moving parts, a small land area so as to easy to dismounting and maintenance. And Xinhai hyrocclone has a lower price for processing iron ore mines.

2)it has the big unit capacity, finer particles classification which is 10μm.

XCII hydrocyclone has such characters:

1)it has a special tight sleeve, this tight sleeve can adjust precisely the resistance upon grit mouth., so it can adjust the classification indexes precisely.

2)it has reasonable structure, this kind of structure can improve the classification, and lower the indexes fluctuation.

3)it can be used for iron ore classification and dewatering operation of fine particles.

Xinhai is the best manufacturer for you to buy iron ore, and when buying ore beneficiation equipment such as processing iron ore, Xinhai needs filtration which is the advanced filtration equipment mainly used in iron ore process.

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