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News On Prices of the Gold Recovery Equipment For Sale

2016-04-26 11:10:35   XinHai    Views (1166)
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There is so many gold recovery equipment used in gold mining process. Xinhai is a comprehensive company working on gold mining equipment, gold processing, and gold recovery equipment for sale According to different types of gold minerals, Xinhai could make the most suitable and the lowest cost of gold mining processing plants with the biggest recovery rate. Besides, Xinhai also provides the best gold recovery equipment for sale and ensures the lowest price of gold recovery equipment for sale.

Besides the common gravity equipment like jigs and shaking tables, there is some gold recovery equipment for sale in Xinhai, The representative equipment is chute, I chute, and pulsating sluice box.

Gravity separating for placer gold is the most efficient and economical method. Therefore, the gold recovery equipment for sale is quite low. besides this, centrifugal gravity separator is another gold recovery equipment for sale, which can be classified into portable panning machine, centrifugal disc selection machine, scoop disc machine, STL water set separating machine. Some points on centrifugal disc selection machine should be noticed. Centrifugal disc is a new type of gold equipment, which is developed and invented according to foreign technology. Slurry is transported into disc center by feeding. At the same time, with the force of gravity and inertial centrifugal, minerals move upside along with disc center inside the frame. When the angle is bigger than 45°, centrifugal force along with slope direction is smaller, but the force in gravity discretion is bigger. After the minerals rise to a certain height, the two forces reach balance. Surrounding to the balance point, heavy sand sedimentary sequences are easier to appear. The tailings are discharged from the top edge. After feeding stops, the concentrate is washed and then discharged from the hollow shaft by ball valve.

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