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2,400t/d Lead-Zinc Ore Processing Plant Design In Basu, Tibet

2017-03-09 6:49:43   XinHai    Views (2330)
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Lead-Zinc Ore Processing Plant

Tibet BaSu lead-zinc ore was located at ecologically vulnerable area, and mainly associated by lead, zinc and silver. The ore included sulfide ore and oxidized ore. For sulfide ore, the lead grade was around 8% and zinc grade was around7%, and the silver content was 93.5g/t, gold content was 0.5/t and Sulphur content was 10.48%. For oxidized ore, the lead grade was around 5% and zinc grade was around 15%, the silver content was 80.4g/t and gold content was 0.2g/t, and the oxidation rate of lead was 12.81% and the oxidation rate of zinc was 15.15%.

Based on the special locality of the mine and the special characteristics of the ore, Xinhai carried out the mineral processing test and study and the plant design. By combining process of differential floatation and reasonable agent system, lead concentrate and zinc concentrate could be obtained, and silver mineral could be collected in lead concentrate as much as possible. Backwater storage and recycle system and tailings treatment system were applied in the design, which realized non-discharge of waste water, cyclic utilization of water and proper dispose of solid waste, and thus environment pollution was avoided. The electricity transformation and distribution equipment should be plateau type product which could adapt to the altitude of 3200m or more.

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