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Mineral Processing Test and Study on Eadzinc Oxide Ore in Shandong

2017-03-09 7:08:27   XinHai    Views (1983)
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The lead content, zinc content and silver content of raw ore were respectively 6.90%, 28.81% and 107.1g/t. including sulphide mineral and as well as oxidized mineral, the lead-zinc ore was refractory ore with multi-metal. The main lead-zinc metal mineral included galena, cerussite, sphalerite, hemimorphite and smithsonite.

According to the refractory lead-zinc ore, Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. carried out perfect mineral processing test for this project as the basis of process flow design.

The test adopted process of first sulfuration and second oxidization and prior floatation. By applying this process, the lead and zinc were recovered, collected and separated well, and the silver was recovered effectively, which obtained a better mineral processing index.

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