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150t/d Gold Ore in Tanzania – Cost Analysis of Gravity Separating and CIP Plant

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Gravity Separating and CIP Plant

1. Cost-benefit Analysis

It’s advisable that the ore veins of Tanzania NHM Company adopt the waste-lifting stoping mining methods. The ore bodies of different thickness have many similarities in the technology of waste-lifting stoping; and the labor and material costs that every mining cycle consumes are basically the same. The difference is that ore capacity from ore bodies of different thickness. Therefore, for the ore bodies with different thickness, we first count the labor and material costs of the sum of per ton ore and waste rock by the mining range of 1.1 m, and then calculate the mining costs of ore bodies with different thickness according to the ore capacity obtained by each mining cycle. The mining cost composition of NHM Company adopting the technology of waste-lifting stoping as follow:

No. Cost Items Unit Unit Consumption Unit Price
Unit Cost
I Accessory Material        
  Explosive Kg 0.9 2.14 1.92
  Flash Detonator piece 0.68 0.4 0.27
  Blasting Fuse 1.8 0.45 0.8
  Drilling Bit piece 0.02 5 0.1
  Drill Steel Kg 0.06 2.8 0.17
  Wood m3 0.003 160 0.48
  Others       0.81
  Sub-Total       4.55
II Power Consumption        
  Electricity kw.h 6.5 0.33 2.1
III Wages of production workers       10.5
IV Ore + rock direct operating costs     I + II +III 17.15
V Ore + rock management costs       8.1
VI Ore + rock construction team contracting profit     (IV + V)×20% 5.05
VII Mining workshop manufacturing cost        
  Actual thickness of mineral vein:0.75m       30.3
VIII Apportion cost       9.7
  Mining cost       4.5
  Once lifting       2.4
  Transportation cost       0.32
  Draining cost       0.28
  Ventilating cost       0.3
  others       0.3
  Safety fee       1.6
IX Total cost of mining       40

2 Mineral processing costs

No. Items Unit Unit Consumption/tons Unit Price
Unit Cost
Total consumption of a year Total costs
(Thousand USD)
I Accessory Material       3.47   156.3
1 Adhesive Tape m2 0.003 5 0.015 135 0.7
2 Liner Plate kg 0.40 1.67 0.67 18t 30
3 Steel Ball kg 1.50 1.33 2 67.5t 90
4 Engine Oil kg 0.05 3.33 0.17 2.25t 7.5
5 Grease kg 0.08 3.33 0.26 3.6t 12
6 Filter Cloth m2 0.03 5.83 0.17 1350 7.9
7 Active Charcoal kg 0.2 0.92 0.18 9t 8.2
II Power Consumption       41.6   1872
1 Electricity Kwh 124.8 0.33 41.6 5.616×106 1872
2 Water m3 4.00 0 0 1.8×105 0
III Reagents       5.17   232.5
1 Lime Kg 4.00 0.17 0.67   30
2 NaCN Kg 1.50 3 4.5   202.5
IV Wages USD/person.year   24.44   1100
V Finance and others RNB     0.25   11.3
  Total       74.93   3372.1

3. Total Costs

According to the above calculation of mining and dressing costs, the unit overall cost of each mining and dressing is about 114.93 dollars per ton and the annual total costs is about 5,172,100 dollars

4. Sales Revenue

For this design, referring to the preliminary test preparation, the recovery rate of gravity separation is 50%; the gold leaching rate is 96.87%; the loss of the gold-melting Electric technology is 2% and the recovery rate of gold-smelting is 98%. Given the above data, the total recovery rate is(50%+50%*96.87%*98%)*98%=95.52%, namely, annually recovering 866.1kg gold.

If the sale price of gold is 35 dollars per gram, the annual sales revenue is about 30,313,500 dollars, tax without consideration.

5. Profits

In light of the above data, we can estimate that the annual return is 25,141,400 dollars and the profit of a unit of raw ore is 558.7 dollars per ton.

These data in this cost-benefit analysis are all pre-tax information, you can calculate the after-tax ones by yourself in accordance with local tax condition.

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