Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore

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Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore’, ‘Hematite ore, the commonly iron ore used industrial raw material for iron making, with certain magnetism, so most of the hematite process contains magnetic link.

  • 23 2016-02

    Common Phosphate Mining Flotation Reagent

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    Nowadays. The most common phosphate mining method is flotation process.

  • 22 2016-02

    Xinhai High Efficient Gold Separator Machine

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    Gold ore is usually separated by gold gravity separating method. However, gold separator machines, represented by leaching agitators and washing thickeners, are necessary for those gold ore with rather fine particle sizes and a wide range of dissemination size.

  • 01 2016-02

    Xinhai Helps You a Better Gold Ore Processing

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    Gold ore processing plant is the most important work in plants design. Stable and reliable equipment, and gold processing plant which is suitable for practice are the basic preconditions of achieving production targets.

  • 25 2016-01

    How Gold Equipment Works?

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    Before the gold ore is mined, gold ore should be tested. On this basis, there is a need for gold equipment.

  • 18 2016-01

    Common Placer Gold Separation Equipment

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    Thanks to the weathering, raw gold ore exposed in the air can be crushed gradually into gold particles and cuttings. With the help of external force, minerals with heavier particles are enriched in hillside, bed, and lake shore.

  • 14 2016-01

    Gold Machine of Xinhai – Your Perfect Choice

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    In the vein gold deposits, there is also a large part of the particles into the monomeric form of free gold, with gold in the joint use of the process in this part of the re-election ahead of election free gold in the technical and economically feasible.

  • 14 2016-01

    Do you know the gold concentrator used in gold processing plant?

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    The enrichment of gold is completed through being explored, mined, concentrated and smelted. This gold concentrates process is similar to most of the concentrate of ore, so the use of gold concentrator is no difference.

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