Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore

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Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore’, ‘Hematite ore, the commonly iron ore used industrial raw material for iron making, with certain magnetism, so most of the hematite process contains magnetic link.

  • 22 2018-03

    How to Re-utilize Copper Tailings

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    There are rare native copper deposits but abundant copper tailings in China. According to incomplete statistics, hundreds of millions of tons of copper tailings are discharged every year in China, which are increasing year by year. Copper tailings include little copper, silver, zinc, lead ore, but a large number of silica-aluminate tailings, such as calcite, […]

  • 21 2018-03

    Dangers of Lead-Zinc Tailings

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    Protecting water resources, preventing water pollution and improving water environment ecology are important parts of environmental protection and sustainable development.

  • 15 2018-03

    Pyrite Activation in the Lead-Zinc Tailings Recovery

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    Most non – ferrous metals are metal sulfides ores, such as lead-zinc ore, copper sulfide, which often coexist with a large number of pyrites. Pyrite is the main raw material for industrial sulfuric acid, but China is a leading manufacturer and consumer of sulfuric acid, so the comprehensive utilization of pyrite plays an important role in lead-zinc tailings recovery.

  • 14 2018-03

    Copper Ore Dressing Process

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    Copper ore refers to the mineral aggregate with a certain content of copper ore and can be recycled at the present stage. In general, copper ore is occurred in ore inside as sulfide, and associated with a certain amount of lead and zinc ore.

  • 08 2018-03

    Copper Sulphide Ore Flotation Process

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    The common copper sulfide minerals mainly include chalcocite, covellite, bornite, copper pyrites and tennantite, and their inherent floatability decrease in turn. Copper sulfide ore has better floatability than sphalerite, pyrite and other sulphide, so it is more likely to float from the pulp by adsorpting collecting agent.

  • 05 2018-03

    How to Choose Copper Ore Manufacturer?

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    Copper ore is a kind of high-grade sandy copper ore concentrate. It is widely used in casting, forging, metallurgy, paving, heat treatment, steel structure, space truss structure, ships, bridges, mines and so on

  • 30 2018-01

    Copper Sulfide Ore Flotation Technologies

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    Copper sulfide ore has good inherent floatability, so flotation process is a mature method used for copper sulfide ore separation. In recent years, with the continuous development of copper sulphide flotation technology, many scholars also proposed a series of new principles of mineral processing, such as “collect early, loss early” and “more crushing and less grinding”.

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