Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore

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Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore’, ‘Hematite ore, the commonly iron ore used industrial raw material for iron making, with certain magnetism, so most of the hematite process contains magnetic link.

  • 24 2018-01

    Quartz Sand Beneficiation Process

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    Quartz sand, also called silica sand, is a kind of non-metallic material that widely used in building materials, glass, ceramics, lasers, optical cables and electronics. In actual production, quartz sand can be obtained by grinding quartz ore or concentrating quartz sand ore.

  • 19 2018-01

    Molybdenum Ore Dressing Process

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    Molybdenum is an important rare metal resource. And molybdenite (MoS2) is the most widespread among various molybdenum ores, almost 99% molybdenum production is obtained from molybdenite in the world.

  • 16 2018-01

    Xinhai Phosphorite Ore Dressing Process

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    Phosphorite often refers to phosphate mineral that can be recycled, and its grade is represented as W (P2O5) %.

  • 09 2018-01

    Xinhai Manganese Ore Dressing Process

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    Manganese ore is an essential mineral element in modern industry, especially in the iron and steel industry, the consumption of manganese ore is as high as 90~ 95%.

  • 03 2018-01

    Gold Heap Leaching Process

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    There is a long history to extract metal from ore directly with heap leaching process. This process is firstly used in low-grade copper deposits and then used in the leaching of low-grade uranium ore.

  • 29 2017-12

    Flotation Cell is Key Equipment in Mineral Processing Equipment of Lead-zinc Ore

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    As the lead-zinc ore is related to the flotation, the following will focus on the simple introduction of the flotation cells.

  • 26 2017-12

    Xinhai Magnetite Ore Dressing Process

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    For its ferromagnetism, magnetite can be separated by magnetic separation easily. However, magnetite is often associated with hematite and martite, so we often adopt combination process to get high-grade magnetite concentrate, such as gravity separation process, flotation process, etc.

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