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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of the Sludge Thickening and Press Filter Machine

2015-02-26 14:15:25   XinHai    Views (1516)
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The sludge thickening and press filter machine, by definition, that is a device combined the thickening and filtration processes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sludge thickening and press filter machine, the following contents will tell you.

The advantages:

Firstly, reducing the costs of thickening and filtrating operations. The use of the sludge thickening and press filter machine reduces the middle convergence costs of thickening and filtrating operations which needs a pump, buffer pump pool and steel tube to be connected. The using of the sludge thickening and press filter machine greatly reduces the costs of the auxiliary devices, the costs of the equipment and the costs of the labor management and energy consumptions.

Secondly, saving the occupied area of the thickening and filtering operations. Conventional thickening and filtering operations may occupy lots of areas, the using of the sludge thickening and press filter machine can effectively reduce the overall footprint and saving the fixed assets investment.

Thirdly, facilitate the centralized management. The using of the sludge thickening and press filter machine can set the thickening and filtering operations in a factory. Which facilitates the management.

The disadvantages:

Firstly, complex structure and difficult to maintain. The commonly used thickening equipment and filtering equipment each is only responsible for only one work, therefore, the structure is simple and the size is bigger. The sludge thickening and press filter machine combines two structure, the structure is more complex, easy to be a fault, and difficult to maintain. 

Small processing capacity. The diameter of a conventional sludge thickener can up to tens of meters to a hundred meters,such as the diameter of production of the peripheral rollers transmission sludge thickening of Xinhai is up to 53m, and the filtration equipment filtration area can up to be more than one hundred square meters, for example, the production of Xinhai disc vacuum filter, a single device’s occupied area can be 116㎡

From which we can see, large and medium-sized mining plants use the sludge thickening and press filter machine can benefit a lot. Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd as a leader in the production of sludge thickening and press filter equipment, and they have various specifications thickening and filtration equipment to meet customers???different requirements which worth your trust.  

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