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How to Avoid Crusher Blockage?

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It is unavoidable for crusher to occur blockage in crushing production line, which not only reduces the crushing capacity, influence of finial granularity, but also affects the production efficiency, even cause equipment damage. So, how to prevent and solve the problem of crusher blockage problem?

The main reason why crusher occurs blockage is material properties. Because the material contains much moisture, the ore material has a certain viscosity. When the ore material is sent to the crusher for crushing into small pieces, the ore material will stick together, and block between two pieces of jaw plates of crushing cavity, then causes material blockage phenomenon; Or the ore material is mixed with a large amount of sticky soil, so that the material is blocked in the crushing cavity.

So, how to avoid this blockage phenomenon as soon as possible?

Before sending the material to the crusher, we need to screen and dehydrate the material, which can reduce the moisture and viscosity of the material, decrease the crushing difficulty. At the same time, we should adjust the discharge port properly, increase the size of discharge port, so that the material can be discharged smoothly.

In addition, before using the crusher, we should understand the parameters of each crusher, especially the material requirement. If the material isn’t suitable to the requirements of the crusher manufacturing, we can carry on corresponding processing work to make the material reach crusher processing requirements as soon as possible. In addition, Xinhai technology expert suggest, the crusher should be operated by technical personnel who is equipped with professional training. Because technical personnel is familiar with the crusher knowledge, which can reduce the blockage phenomenon effectively.

In the process of crusher running, we should take many measures to avoid material blockage, which not only guarantees its production efficiency, reduce the failure rate, but also saves the production cost for enterprise.

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