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Principle of High-efficient Thickener

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Thickener is mainly used to treat slime and waste water, and it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building materials and environmental protection. It not only improves the utilization rate of backwater and underflow density, but also plays an important role in environmental protection. This high-efficient thickener developed by Xinhai is not just a sedimentation equipment, but also a new type of dewatering equipment. Here is the principle of high-efficient thickener.

The slurry needs to remove most of the gas by the air-removing device before sent to the thickener, and then fully mix with the flocculant in the mixing arrangement. The flocculated slurry diffuses enters into the high concentration of sediment in a diffusion pattern. Slurry water can rise through the settled sludge layer and eventually discharge from the overflow. And the settled sludge layer prevents the solid particles from rising, which plays the biggest role in filtration. The unflocculated slurry can continue to contact with the flocculation in the settled sludge layer, so the flocculation keeps growing. Finally, the slime at the bottom of thickener is discharged from the discharge port under the action of the central-driven rake.

Based on understanding the principle of high-efficient thickener, we will explain some notes about the selecting high-efficient thickener.

1. Without the suitable flocculant used in slurry, the ordinary thickener can be directly selected for the economic reason.

2. The ordinary thickener can be used directly when the pulp thickens slowly and the compressibility is not good.

3. The common thickener can be applied directly when the process just requires the thickener to store slurry.

4. When the slurry viscosity is too large, the tilting plate will lose its function, which should adopt the ordinary thickener.

5. The high-efficient thickener can be selected when the pulp is the medium concentration of underflow.

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