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Busolwa 12000TPD Gold CIL Plant Project

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Precious video recording of Busolwa 12000TPD Gold CIL Plant. During the installation and commissioning process, Xinhai employees carry forward a work style of working hard to guarantee high quality accomplishment of the work in a short period. With the attitude of developing the rigorous Xinhai employees also got highly appreciated from the customer.

Xinhai Tanzania 1200tpd gold mineral processing project is located in Africa,thus has big differences from domestic one in project management, construction technology,resource supply and work coordination.

Mainly includes thickening,cyaninding and desorption electrosis parts.Main work of the installation and commissioning includes:

1.Install the equipment such as thickening,cyaniding,desorption electrosis system;

2.Install the pipelines and operation platforms (exclude tailings pipelines of outdoors);

3.The electric power, water supply and drainage.(exclude water supply from water source);

This project applys all slime cyanidation to leach gold,the ore mainly sulfide ore and oxidized ore.
Civil construction mainly includes factory building and equipment foundation construction.after the foundation construction work of thickening and leaching tank, the installation and construction of pipeline and electric instrument also should be finished.

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