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Tanzania AIMS 500Kg and 1000kg /batch Gold Elution Plant

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Tanzania AIMS Gold elution plant is located in Mwanza, adopted “Desorption Electrowinning System” with the features of Cyanide-Free, High-Efficiency, Low-Consumption, High-Speed, Auto-Control, High-Security,etc.
Cyanide-free: only NaOH is added, the cost be cut down and the environment will be protected. We can supply the cathode materials according to client’s request; the grade of gold mud is higher than that of ordinary with no need of anti-electro-winning; and it’s easy to extract gold mud and save smelting cost.
Efficient: The barren carbon grade can decrease by 3~4 times than other ordinary Desorption Electrolysis System, which is good for stabilizing the grade of discharge solution in the process of carbon absorption to enhance the absorption rate, meanwhile, reducing gold lost in cyaniding tailings powder carbon and increasing actual recovery of the cyanidation.
High-speed: This system can achieve all desorption and electrowinning tasks within 12-14 hours under the condition of 150-degree heat and 0.5MPa pressure, and it’s 3 times shorter than the conventional working time. Therefore, its processing capacity is 2-3 times higher than the conventional Gold Elution Plant.
Low consumption: the electro-winning temperature is the same as that of desorption, so need of heat changing equipment and the good heat-preservation result. The power consumption is 1/4~1/2 of that of the ordinary Desorption system.
Auto-controlling: Liquid level buffering gear and temperature controlling system are installed to keep the system temperature and liquid level at the pre-set value.
Safety: Triple security measures including Desorption Electrolysis System
intellectualization, pressure release gear and safety valve are taken to ensure the system safety.
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