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Vietnam Kra 800tpd Graphite Ore Processing Plant

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Vietnam Kra 800tpd Graphite Ore Dressing Plant Project is one of successful Minerals projects undertaken by Xinhai.
Xinhai Design & Research Institute undertook the task of its graphite ore benefic ability test. According to the test report, technical staff designed flotation process of two stages one close-circuit crushing, one stage one-circuit grinding and classification, one roughing- two scavenging-ten cleaning.

Through the mineral processing test before beneficiation, Xinhai technicians drew the conclusion that the graphite had great wash ability, the flotation process characterized by simple reagents system could create huge economic and social profits.

The Graphite Ore test was mainly for the recycle of graphite. Vietnam Customers offers the sample. After one roughing- two scavenging-ten cleaning, the test would finally receive output 14.2% , fixed carbon content 92.30%, the recovery rate 87.91%. In order to get some of high-carbon graphite, the graphite concentrate would be into wet screening, then the +140mm concentrate output 3.68%, fixed carbon content 95%; -140mm concentrate output 10.72%, fixed carbon content 91.46%.

After the Graphite Ore test, Xinhai technicians and experts provides the service about the Mine Design, Equipment Manufacturing, Installation&Commissioning, workers training.
In order to help workers be familiar with their work soon, Xinhai experts designed operation training and helped them to build their own technical team and lay the foundation for the stable operation later.
Vietnam Kra 800tpd graphite ore dressing plant project finally got the recovery rate 92%. Prospective earnings was 48 million dollars.
Xinhai provided one-stop service for this project, including mineral testing, engineer design, equipment manufacture, installation & commissioning and local training and designed capacity reached.

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