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How an Improved Thickener is assembled from parts to product?

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How an Improved Thickener is assembled from parts to product? Xinhai
Xinhai High-efficient Thickener is a kind of thickening machine independently developed by Xinhai used in mineral processing plant. This kind of thickening equipment applied in ore processing can be widely used for the treatment of slime, wastewater and waste residue in metallurgy, mine, coal, petrochemical industry, building materials, environmental protection department etc.
The improved thickener is mainly composed of two major parts including circular thickening tank and rake-type mud scraper: The solid particles suspended in the slurry in the thickening tank is settled by the gravity effect, after that, the clear water is on the top, which makes the solid-liquid separation. The slurry deposited at the bottom of the thickening tank is continuously scraped to the center of the tank bottom by rake-type mud scraper and discharged by the outlet, and the clean overflows from the top edge of the thickening tank.
There are several reasons that why Xinhai High Efficient Thickener for mineral processing is popular worldwhile, including:
Using deaerating thank to avoid solid particles attaching to bubbles and setting as parachute phenomena;
Installing the feeding pipe under the liquid level in order to bring the air when feeding;
Moving the feeding sleeve to a lower position and equipping with a receiving plate in order to make the slurry fed fall evenly and steadily and efficiently prevent the rolling phenomena caused by out of level of overflow weir;
Using overflow weir in sawtooth shape to reduce part suction phenomena caused by out of level of overflow weir;
Changing the linear of rabble blade from slash to curve to make the rise of discharging underflow concentration and the improvement of the treatment capacity.

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