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How to Use the Hydrocyclone for Mineral Classifying and Dewatering Appropriately?

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Xinhai Hydrocyclone is used in mineral classifying and dewatering to separate solid and liquid. The working modes of Xinhai Hydrocyclone includes classification, condensation, dehydration, desliming, sand removing sand, washing, ultrafine classification etc.
From the video and you can find out how Xinhai XCI Hydrocyclone applied in mineral processing with a unique involute feeding work to eliminate the disturbance, reduce wear and improve the classification efficiency.
The Features of Xinhai Hydrocyclone
Xinhai XCI Hydrocyclone – an innovative kind of classifying equipment achieves circumferential and axial feeding, eliminates the turbulence interference around the overflow pipe which forms up after materials getting into the hydrocyclone used to process ores, speeds up to the rotary steam that coarse materials flow to the underflow port, avoids violent spin during the feeding process, and improves the efficiency of classification, because of the three dimensional snail type feeding structure applied in this kind of high-efficiency classification product.
The square tube feeding type used in this new type of classification machine makes materials get closer to the inner wall of the improved hydrocyclone, makes the feeding resistance be the smallest, provides the biggest divergence to material, and causes the smallest damage to the flow box.
Unique cone adjusting valve is a replaceable part of the inlet can adjust the size of hydrocyclone’s entrance quickly and therefore the efficiency of classification can be improved.
Applied Xinhai’s self-developed super wear-resistant rubber as liners, Xinhai Hydrocyclone prolongs the service life by 2-4 times.
The Working Principle of Xinhai Hydrocyclone
Under the effect of pressure, the slurry in the Hydrocyclone machine enters the shell through the square feeding pipe in involute direction, and dose the rotary motion in the shell. The coarse or the dense particles get to the periphery of rotary current because of the centrifugal force and turns into riffling through the spigot; because of the smaller centrifugal force, the fine particles will be in the middle of the rotary current, move up along with flow, and finally become overflow discharged from overflow pipe.

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