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Xinhai High Efficiency Thickeners, Your Preferred Brand

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Improved  on the basis of conventional thickeners, high efficiency thickener is new-type  equipment for concentration and dewatering. High-efficiency thickeners have  been widely used in various kinds of mines by far. Yantai Xinhai Mining  Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the most major manufacturers of high-efficiency  thickeners. Now, taking Xinhai high-efficiency thickeners as example, we will  give you a brief introduction about high-efficiency thickeners.

Compared  with conventional thickeners, high-efficiency thickeners have the following  characteristics. First, with the addition of flocculants, tiny particles can efficiently  gather into clusters and enlarge their grain size, thus facilitating their  sedimentation process. Second, equipped with inclined plates in concentration  tanks, the sedimentation area of high-efficiency thickeners is greatly  extended. Third, provided with complete flocculants feeding system, the  addition of flocculants becomes more reasonable. Four, flocculants auto-control  system and high-efficiency thickeners auto-control system are also perfectly  outfit. With the help of the above structure configuration advantages, high-efficiency  thickeners can achieve the fast sedimentation do solid particles in pulp, thus  increasing the capacity and reducing the floor area, etc.

Particles  settling velocity of high-efficiency thickeners manufactured by Xinhai is one to seven times faster than that of conventional  thickeners. The thickeners underflow density is bigger than 70%, and the  recovery rate of their overflow can reach 75%. Besides, Xinhai thickeners have  1.3 to 3 times the service life of thickeners produced by other manufacturers. Moreover,  Xinhai can also provide a series of pre-sale and after-sale service to ensure  that its customers can use the most excellent equipment and service. That is  why Xinhai is customers preferred brand.

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