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Factors Influencing Copper Ore Flotation

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copper flotation process

Copper ore is the mineral mixer containing  some copper which could be concentrated by present technology. Sulfide copper  is the most common raw material used in mining process plant, because it has a  better floatability. Compared with other minerals, there are much more factors  influencing copper flotation process. In  order to increase copper recovery rate and expand benefits, it is better to know these factors .

Particle size is crucial to copper  flotation process index, which is tested in the mining process test report. Flotation particle size must be less than the biggest flotation particle size. Meanwhile, fine particle size will be bad for flotation index for increasing  grinding energy cost and mudding slurry. Appropriate flotation reagent should  be adopt for the ore with different particle size.

Reagent principle includes type, quantity,  sequence, place, adding method, reagent making method and efficiency of  reagents. Reagent principle is an important index in copper mining process.  Slurry concentrate means the content of solid in slurry, which is usually the  quantity ratio of solid to liquid represented by Wg. Slurry concentrate has an  important influence to the recovery of concentrate, concentrate grade and  reagent quantity.

Foam flotation is the process which are  took place in the surface of liquid and air. Stability of foam, thickness of  foam, structure of foam, bubble forming way and size and quantity of bubble are  crucial to the copper flotation process.

There are many other factors influence copper flotation process, such as temperature of slurry, PH, hardness of water,  content of slurry mud, air-inflating quantity and strength of agitating. Copper  flotation process should be designed according to the mining process test to confirm  these indexes.

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