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How is Copper Ore Mined?

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How is copper mined? There is a large storage of copper ore in China and How is copper mined is one of the most important questions when mining copper. Most of the deposit has oxidation zone and some become to copper oxide. The floatability of copper oxide is lower than the sulfide and has a bad grade, high oxidation rate, easy to slime, is difficult to being floated. The mainly method to process copper oxide is flotation method.

How is copper mined? Flotation, as the most being used way, can be divided into direct flotation and sulphide flotation. Sulphide flotation means curatives (Na2S, NaHS, etc.) so that the oxidation of copper become sulfide material, then using flotation sulfide as the collector to process. Direct flotation means copper oxidation not to be sulfide, advanced xanthate, mercaptans and salts thereof, fatty acids, soaps as a collector. Currently, the Industrial collector for direct flotation process, only fatty acids collector has been widely used. However, fatty acids collector can guarantee the recovery, but its selectivity is poor, and not suitable for gangue minerals calcium, magnesium higher carbonate under the high case.

How is copper mined? At present, many scholar researching the ways to solve it, and finding collectors, activators, inhibitors, dispersants, flocculants, and blowing reagents and achieved good results. These promoting the continuous development of mature and copper oxide flotation process.

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