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Xinhai Tanzania 1200tpd Gold CIL Project

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Tanzania 1200tpd Gold CIL Project

Tanzania 1200tpd gold CIL project was a mineral processing EPC project undertaken by Xinhai. The installation and debugging work was completed In 2015, and then it was put into operation.


This project was located in Africa. During the installation, Xinhai people overcame the local climate and completed the installation and commissioning work in advance with a rigorous working state. That was why Xinhai people won the high praise from local customers.


This gold mine belonged to the large gold deposit. The ores mainly included sulfide ore and oxidized ore, and gold ore was the only valuable elements available for recycling in these two minerals. Xinhai decided to use the all-sliming cyanidation CIL process for gold extraction. This process can carry on leaching and gold absorption operation while adding activated carbon to the pulp, which effectively reduced loss and operation cost.


leaching tank

Finally, the grade oxidized ore was 2.4g/t, the gold leaching rate was up to 93.75%; The gold content in sulfide ore was 10.7g/t, and the gold leaching rate was up to 91.58%. Xinhai successfully completed the project with high efficiency. Towards the end of the year, the customer sent sincere New Year wishes to Xinhai people!

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