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Tailing Dry Stacking,the helper of water saving in mineral dressing

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Mine industry was called "the king of water waste” with 5-15 tons of water consumption per ton of ore in mineral dressing. From 1994 to 2000, the national water consumption of mineral dressing reaches 20,395,101,000 tons. The acid and alkali water capacity is 6,285,485,000 tons. In the 532 rivers, there are more than 436 rivers are polluted by mine drainage. Tailing Dry Stacking,the helper of water saving in mineral dressing

The exploitation of mineral resources is the important foundation for national development, but facing to a large water consumption number in mining process and the pollution of the living water, people has been difficult to bear.

How to change “waste water most” phenomenon? First, carry out the effective treatment to mine wastewater realizing secondary utilization. Second, save industry and living water in mining area. Third, in addition to enhance people’s consciousness of saving water, the most important is the research and development of new advanced equipment to improve the utilization of water resources.

The final waste product of ore dressing is tailings which consist of ore waste residue and a lot of water. If the water of tailings slurry is separated back to the factory for reusing, it will greatly improve the water resources problem of mine. How to carry out the solid-liquid separation of tailings?

The tailings treatment equipment firstly appeared in the United States, which processed tailings slurry by thickening, dehydrating and dry stacking. By this way, water will be recycled and reused. This equipment reduced the tailings dam break.

In China, Yantai Xinhai mining group brings the earliest introduction of tailings disposal called the tailings dry stacking. Tailings dry stacking system composing of concentrated hydrocyclone, efficient thickener, multi frequency dewatering screen can dehydrate any mineral with dehydration effect reaching 85%. This system realizes the tailing water recycle use, and reduces consumption of raw water.

Experiments show that: in ore dressing plant of an annual tailings emission of 1000000 tons, Xinhai tailings dry stacking system recycles 2000000 tons water per year. By 1.5 yuan / T, the annual savings of water charges 3000000 yuan / year. Mining beneficiation will get rid of the title "the king of water waste” by recycling water

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