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Essential Machinery of Beneficiation Industry—Energy-saving Ball Mill

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Ball mill is the dispensable device in beneficiation industry, equally, it is the highest device, which accounts for 40%—50% power consumption in the whole production line. Therefor, it becomes the important point for massive customers to concern about the high power consumption. It is also the reason why to promote the production of the new energy-saving ball mill. Here, yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery CO.,LTD shares something with you that how does the ball mill reduce the power consumption.

Principles of the energy-saving ball mill: After the beginning crushing, the certain participle size of the ore is fed into the first bin, in which balls are brought up into a certain height and then fall down driven by the centrifugal force. The coarse grinding is finished through the mutual collision between the ore and balls. In the second bin, it is the second time to grind the material with the same procedure, which called fine grinding. Grinding work is formed after two times of grinding. Due to the long time-consuming of ball mill work, especially during the start-up, the impact current becomes stronger. Xinhai Mining professional technicians developed a new kind of energy-saving device—Baowa ball mill energy-saving control cabinet on the basic of plenty experiments and researches, which make a series of analysis on the stress and orbit of balls. The perfect cooperation of the  ball mill process and motor rate by adjusting the motor rotation rate not only optimize the production process of ball mill, but also greatly reduces the power consumption of ball mill, and improve the production efficiency .

In china, with the increasing developing of beneficiation machinery industry, Xinhai Mining Machinery will provide massive customers with more qualified, more energy-saving, more efficient ball mill equipment depending on strong technical development capabilities.

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