GLAD TIDINGS: Xinhai successfully acquired Shandong Jiangxin Design Institute

2018-06-15    Xinhai     Views(831)

Recently, Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc held a board meeting and unanimously passed the proposal of acquiring Shandong Jiangxin Design Institute.

  • 27 2018-03

    Xinhai: Made with Quality│Behind Each Success is Our Ingenuity!

    Xinhai     Views (6085)

    Equipment manufacturing industry is the pillar industry for economic and social development, which is the cornerstone for improving our comprehensive national strength. With the continuous upgrading of Made in China 2025, Xinhai also greatly strengthened its investment and supervision in innovation and quality.

  • 16 2018-03

    Xinhai Mineral Processing EPC Service for Your Escort!

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    With the rapid development of modern industrial production and the innovation of production technology, consumer goods is growing in frequency and the consumption structure is more complex, which lead to all kinds of consumption accidents and problems, then cause serious infringement on consumers’ rights.

  • 13 2018-03

    Xinhai Experimental Research on Refractory Gold Ore Dressing Process

    Xinhai     Views (909)

    With the large-scale exploitation of the gold mine, the refractory gold ore has become the main resource of the gold industry. “Refractory” generally refers to the mineral is difficult to separate and smelt, namely the conventional or single method is hard to achieve extraction, which need several concentrating and smelting methods.

  • 06 2018-03

    Xinhai Welcomed an Auspicious Start in 2018!

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    Since February 22, 2018, Xinhai has starting work for a week. Xinhai people have already put into the nervous working state with passion, which can be the launchpad for an assault on next year’s fight.

  • 27 2018-02

    Congratulations to Xinhai Gaining Two Invention Patents

    Xinhai     Views (1459)

    Recently, Xinhai successfully obtained two invention patents again – mobile mineral processing plant, a connection device and welding method that can improve the efficiency of automatic submerged arc welding machine. It was not just represented Xinhai’s mineral processing power, but also meant a great progress of China’s mineral processing industry.

  • 26 2018-01

    Xinhai Installation Team Greet Laba Festival in Indonesia

    Xinhai     Views (1569)

    In the past Laba Festival, Xinhai installation and commisioning team were on the front line of Indonesian gold project.

  • 12 2018-01

    New Year, New Start——Xinhai Held 2018 1st Middle-level Cadres Monthly Meeting

    Xinhai     Views (1712)

    On January 5, 2018, 1st middle-level cadres monthly meeting in 2018 was held on the second floor meeting room. Xinhai senior executives, department heads and relevant personnel more than 60 took part in this meeting.

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