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Salute Every Xinhai People for Their Fight in the Front Line!

2018-08-24    Xinhai     Views(7108)

“The sun is parching the earth like a big fireball, and the grass near the road is almost burning. The searing air makes people hard to take a breath. Without a breeze, the cannas along the road almost withers.” A child described the summer of 2018 in an essay. However, a group of Xinhai people is still striving for completing each project delivery as scheduled in the scorching sun.

  • 23 2018-08

    How to create a new world for traditional manufacturing industry, in Internet Era?

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    Many Chinese enterprises thought that marketing and selling products on the Internet is enfo eService. However, it is wrong. The tool of the Internet needs to be mixed with the core of industry, reforming the organization frame, group and operation. It’s definitely wrong to take the successful mode blindly from others, but to reform it for each single enterprise.

  • 15 2018-08

    How Xinhai Transform From Manufacturer into Mineral Processing EPC Provider

    Xinhai     Views (684)

    In recent years, shifting from manufacturing to manufacturing plus service has become an important strategic task for China to promote transformation and upgrading.

  • 10 2018-08

    Mineral Processing EPC, New Start of Mining Industry

    Xinhai     Views (746)

    Mineral, as an essential part, is widely used in our daily life. Metalware, buildings, even food and medicine, are all consisted with mineral. Mineral through complex process, transforms magically from huge stones to the raw material of our daily life production.

  • 03 2018-08

    How to Create a New World for Traditional Manufacturing Industry in Internet Era?

    Xinhai     Views (704)

    July 13th, 2018, the 17th China Internet Conference for three days dropped the curtain in Beijing. Twenty-five forums were held in this conference, which were around One Belt One Road, Blockchain, Internet Financial Security, Industrial Internet and many other hot points.

  • 27 2018-07

    Xinhai Chairman: Resolve the Confusion About Overseas Mining Development

    Xinhai     Views (776)

    Recently, the first China Mining International Transaction Congress&Expo 2018, hosted by Miningcircle and co-organized by Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc., Hong Kong International Mining Association and Suntrans, was successfully held in Best Western OL Stadium Hotel.

  • 20 2018-07

    What is the Mineral Processing Test?

    Xinhai     Views (760)

    Mineral processing test is the starting point of the ore dressing, the blueprint of the ore dressing, the direction mark of the ore dressing!

  • 03 2018-07

    Tailings: Turn Waste into Wealth Create the Green Mine

    Xinhai     Views (860)

    As the increasing exploration of global mineral resources, the concept of “useless tailings” has completely eliminated by the mineral processing industry. Instead of this, the tailings is recognized as the potential resources with the highest secondary utilization rate.

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