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Magnetic Equipment Improvement in Magnetite Beneficiation Optimization Process

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Magnetic Equipment Improvement

Equipment plays an important role in magnetite beneficiation process. The traditional permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator has disadvantages, including limited use range, and bad separating effect. New type high efficient wet permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator produced by Xinhai has a large use range and good beneficiation index. In new-built beneficiation plants, it has obvious effect on magnetite beneficiation optimization process. Now, it will be introduced briefly below.

All magnetic equipment all adopts neodymium iron boron magnet with high energy product and high intrinsic coercivity. Magnetic field intensity is large and has the advantages of extensive magnetic effect. The demagnetizing index is less than 5% for eigh years. To achieve efficient separation from magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals, new type permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator adapts large magnetic wrap of the new structure with gradual change field intensity and smooth transition, increasing the length of separation belt and times of magnetic turns. The cylinder is non-conductive magnetic structure and strainless steel, also ultra wear-resistant rubber produced by Xinhai is attached. It contributes to improving the life span of a cylinder. In magnetite beneficiation process, the cylinder could bear heavier feeding quantity, larger particle sizes and fluctuation of pulp density. At the same time, superior beneficiation index could be achieved with high particle and high recovery rate.

According to various applications, Xinhai designs types of permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator. CTBY permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is for perconcentration and is suitable for wet preconcentration of magnetite before entering grinding mills after fine crushing, and the selected particle size should be less than 10mm. CTBC permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is for roughing, and is suitable for roughing of magnetite after stage one grinding or multi-stage grinding or the roughing when recycling the magnetite from the tailings after sorting of nonferrous metals. The selected particle size should be less than 4mm. In practical, different types of magnetic separators have different magnetic system designs and trough structure, according to different applications and separation conditions.

Trough structure could be customized according to customers demand of magnetite beneficiation process. Xinhai trys his best to do survices.

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