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Problems and Improvements of Magnetite Beneficiation Processing

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We have rich iron ore resources in magnetite, taking up 48.8% of iron mining reserve. Suitable iron ore minerals processing has big significance for the development of domestic mining companies. Iron ore mining technology and equipment have a great development after years of hard work. The grade of iron concentrate has been improved, and some iron ore mining plants have achieved 70%. Taking advantages of simple magnetic separating, some plants have reduced silica to less than 2%, which promotes development, as well as creates favorable conditions for iron making. However, behind the quick development of technology, the fineness of grinding products is not qualified, and it will be explained briefly.

Because of uneven dissemination size of magnetite, to meet iron ore mining technology demand, partial minerals are excessive of grinding. Because excessive grinding makes bonding force of mineral itself bigger than inertia force, leading to failure of iron ore mining technology, and reduce of concentrate grade and metal recovery. The factors leading to this phenomenon are: grinding equipment being simple, feeding particle of grinding being too coarse and classifying being further improved.

Ball mills, rod mills, and autogenous mills are commonly in the present market. Autogenous mills have low product capacity, and not meet the demand of iron ore mining product. It is limited in iron ore mining process. Recent years, column mills have been popular in production, and it has a special effect on grinding minerals. Besides, it has low construction cost, reducing the grinding cost. It should be improved in equipment maximization, in order to get a wide application. The increase of grinding stages contributes to finer particle size. The whole efficiency is improved by the improvement of each stage. For classifying, high-frequency fine mesh screen with reasonable structure is adopted to improve screening efficiency.

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