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With Advanced Spiral Process, Do Good Job of Placer Gold Ore Dressing

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steel spiral chute

How is gold mined and processed? The primary gold deposits exposed in air through weathering of ore is broken gradually gold particles and debris, under external force moving the proportion of larger particles in places such as slopes, river and lake shore beach enrichment, when these deposits have development value becomes the sand gold. Gold placer dressing operation can be divided into the preparation job and sorting operation. The spiral chute is commonly used in the selection of equipment and here introduce an advanced spiral chute.

BLL type glass steel spiral chute that Xinhai manufacturer is a kind of advanced placer gold ore dressing equipment. In the working process, the slurry will be conveyed to the top of the feeding mouth by the pump, and add additional water to ensure the proper concentration of separation. At first in the gravity effect, there will be mineral stratification, heavy minerals in the lower position and light minerals in the higher position. The pulp swirl from the top and produce a centrifugal force in the rotary velocity of a slope. Upper pulp outward from the center of the circle movement, the lower in the pulp by outgoing movement. Due to the difference of the particle size, shape, proportion, under the common action of the centrifugal force of inertia and medium, heavy mineral distribution on the inner side of the cross section of the chute, while the light mineral distribution in the lateral. In the lower part of the chute setting partition plate, and using concentrate hopper to catch concentrate and tailing hopper meet tailing, concentrate and tailing finally through the pipeline shipped. BLL spiral chute with outstanding performance in the sand gold ore dressing process, on the separation efficiency and recovery rate, achieved ideal index, separate ore accurately without power, is a green environmental protection type separation equipment. Xinhai focuses on the optimization and improvement of the product itself, carried out a transformation of the spiral chute surface materials on the basis of the original. The surface of it is made of manufacturing carborundum. The practice has proved that emery produces friction on the separation effect is better than that of other plastic surfaces.

Glass steel spiral chute is a placer gold dressing equipment that of a domestic advanced level, its processing efficiency and the separation effect get recognition of customers.

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