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Which Kind of Flotation Cell is Good to Processing Magnetite Ore?

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Flotation cell is a common way to be used in the magnetite processing, but the processing magnetite ore effect is not good in treating the fine magnetite ore by conventional flotation cell. So, which kind of flotation cell is fine in processing the fine magnetite?

At the moment, the flotation column is the usual magnetite ore processing to process the fine magnetite. Flotation column is a kind of magnetite ore processing machine suitable for process fine magnetite ore with many advantages such as easy structure, the processing magnetite ore machine covering small floor area and good separation effect. The principle operation of the magnetite processing is as followings: the slurry is given from the top of the flotation column and at the same time the air is given from the bottom of it. When the slurry waiting for being processed is going down and the air is rising, the particles with strong hydrophobic will rise with the foam and become the concentration. While the others will go down and be discharged becoming the tailings. Then the separation will achieve.

Xinhai also produce the flotation column of magnetite processing with big capacity, high recovery rate, fine process indicators, low pollution to the ore, small ash content in operation when processing magnetite ore, and high cost performance which is popular at home and abroad. Xinhai also produces all kinds of other magnetite ore processing equipment with reasonable price, high quality, fine service. It is your reliable partners.

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