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Oolitic Hematite Separating Process

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Xinhai has rich experience of hematite separating processing and high-quality hematite separating machine, Oolitic hematite separating the processing of high-intensity magnetic separation and reverse flotation. Many experiments and studies have shown that using this kind of hematite separating process and the related hematite separating machine can solve the problems of low recovery rate (50%) and grade (48 ~ 65%), Xinhai hematite separating processing and machine can also solve the problems of high phosphorus content.

Oolitic hematite separating processing technology of magnetic roasting- low-intensity magnetic separation. This hematite separating processing and related machine are to reduce Oolitic hematite into strong magnetic iron ore, then selected by low – intensity magnetic separation method. This hematite separating processing and machine is used to separating high phosphorus Oolitic hematite and can improve the gold iron grade and recovery rate of metal, but the phosphorus content in the iron concentrate is still difficult to meet the requirements of the smelting industry and tailings of iron grade is generally high(> 20%), there is a certain degree of waste of resources.


Hematite separating process of magnetic roasting-low-intensity magnetic separation- reverse flotation. This is an improvement of magnetic roasting- low-intensity magnetic separation, the hematite separating processing adopting this technology can obtain high hematite separating grade iron and low phosphorus content of iron concentrate, but sometimes will appear Al2O3 violation in the iron ore concentrate.


Oolitic hematite separating the processing of reverse flotation. This method is direct flotation of fine grinding oolitic hematite, direct flotation for dephosphorization and desilication. Adopting this way is difficult to improve the grade of concentrate and get satisfactory indicator.

Oolitic hematite has thin mosaic granularity hematite and it is mutual packages with siderite, chamosite and phosphorus-containing mineral which makes oolitic hematite iron grade and phosphorus content difficult to achieve the requirements of smelting, and become one of the most refractory hematite iron ore processing and machine recognized at home and abroad. Our country has rich hematite iron ore resources and it accounts for 1/9 of iron ore. At present, the hematite separating technology has high-intensity magnetic separation and reverse flotation, magnetic roasting- low-intensity magnetic separation, magnetic roasting- low-intensity magnetic separation- reverse flotation, reverse flotation, etc.

Xinhai mining company has various hematite separating machine such as ,flotation machine, magnetic separation machine, crusher, ball mill, etc., and Xinhai providing excellent hematite separating processing machine for all kinds of hematite iron ores to improve the indicators and reduce the hematite separating processing cost, for ideal hematite separating machine -contact Xinhai.

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