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Brief Introduction on Iron Ore Mines Mining Process

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Iron ore mines have a great application, it can be used as the raw material of iron and steel melting, iron ore mines calcined products has good oil-absorption. Iron ore tailings mines decomposition products can be widely used in the drilling mud treated process as the natural brown material, and iron ore mines can neutralizing hydrogen sulfide. This passage will have a brief introduction of iron ore mining process.

Iron ore mines as the main iron source have been widely used in England and Europe. In China, as other mine has much high-grade and easy to mining and has a large quantity, though the iron ore mines don not exploited yet, it has great prospects. For iron ore mines mining technology, we have magnetic roasting and gravity separation, but those all have limitations. For fine particle iron ore mines mining, we have alkali leaching oxidation and electrochemical alkaline medium.

Gravity separation

Gravity separation is used in coarse and middle size iron ore mining, it can use a jig, but we also use the heavy suspension process way when processing iron ore mine. For fine particle size iron ore mines, we use magnetic roasting, this method is good for improving the capacity and decreasing the steel ball consumption, in this way, we can improve the flotation indexes and remove the harmful contents of iron ore mine. For other iron ore mines, alkali leaching oxidation is the most efficient way, except the weak magnetic separator machine mining, according to the leaching condition, the concentrate can remove the carbonate, and it is essential for the further process. However, as this method has high-cost, and complex equipment, long process time, high-temperature and large alkali concentration, it will take a long time to apply in use. Above all is the iron ore mining, we believe that with the development of technology, more and more method will be exploited and used in the iron ore mining.

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