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Do you know the gold concentrator used in gold processing plant?

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The enrichment of gold is completed through being explored, mined, concentrated and smelted. This gold concentrates process is similar to most of the concentrate of ore, so the use of gold concentrator is no difference. In the gold mining process, need hydraulic drill rig trucks, loaders and crushers and other machinery. According to mined gold ore grade, the follow-up gold concentrate process to be determined. If the gold ore minerals were coarser purpose, you would use the method of gold concentrator of gravity concentrate and gold concentrate equipment to be used at this time including chute, jig, and concentrator. If the mined gold ore grade is low, need to be cyanide leaching, and leaching stirred tank leaching is used, the representatives are single impeller and dual impeller stirred tank of gold concentrator. First is the single impeller gold concentrate equipment, designed by the Xinhai, also known as axial flow stirred tank leaching for relatively high density, high viscosity, settlement rate, ore fineness – 200 projects accounting for 85%, and the pulp density of less than 45% of the gold leaching adsorption and other work.

The last step, how to recover the gold after been leached. The adsorption tank is used. The sludge and activated carbon will into a state of suspension in the grass in the absorption tank. Saturated adsorption loaded carbon made by air lifting device. For gold mine concentrate equipment, Xinhai has absolute right to speak, lead in the same profession, has decades of experience in gold concentrate; Xinhai promise to make maximum benefit for customers, customer service optimization, allows customers to minimize the cost.

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