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Common Gold Flotation Reagents of Xinhai Gold Mining Technology

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Gold flotation process is one of the most common methods to process gold ore, especially for the gold ore with complex components. Preferential adsorption takes place between gold flotation reagents and purpose ore. Gold flotation reagents can be parted into three categories such as collector, foamer, and regulator.

Collector of gold flotation reagents has two opposite features.The collector of gold flotation reagent with hydrophilic group selectively adsorbed at the solid base of the target mineral surface, while the hydrophobic group with nonpolar can into the water to increase the hydrophobic character of the mineral surface.Gold flotation reagents usually are including xanthate and black medicine, this gold flotation reagents are naturally collector of gold and sulfide mineral collector. Foaming agents take effects on the surface of the gas-liquid interface, which can largely decrease the tension of the interface, the gold flotation reagents prompting the air dispersed in the slurry to form small bubbles, and prevent air bubbles merger, separation interface to increase and improve the stability of the bubble.

There are many gold flotation reagents in practice in the gold flotation process. Apart from gold flotation reagents, the dosage of the gold flotation reagents, the order of the gold flotation reagents also can effect the gold flotation results.

Xinhai has been a gold mining equipment and technology reach company for over decades, Xinhai group has advanced gold flotation methods and gold flotation reagents, contact Xinhai when choosing gold flotation.

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