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Gold Mining Equipment for Sale in South Africa

2016-02-24 3:00:06   XinHai    Views (1399)
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Xinhai has high-quality gold mining equipment for sale in South Africa. Gold mining equipment for sale in South Africa has been widely recognized. This article is going to talk about the gold mining equipment for sale in South Africa.

Before gold mine enrichment, gold ore should be exploited, processing and smelt. We should choose the appropriate gold mining equipment in South Africa according to the grade of gold in a raw material. If the gold particle size is bigger in raw material, gravity processing will be appropriate, such as the chute, jigger and shaking table. If the grade of gold is low in raw material, we should adopt the cyaniding processing, which including the single impeller agitating tank. This agitating tank of gold mining equipment are designed by China Research Institute of Nonferrous Metal. It is good choice for the ore which is high settled , and -200 over 85%, slurry concentration less than 45%

After absorption processed, saturated gold is lifted by air lifting machine. Xinhai has done very good job in gold mining equipment for sale in South Africa. Based on a decade of years experiences in gold mining process and perfect mining solution, Xinhai promise every clients the biggest profit and lowest cost.If you are looking for gold mining equipment for sale in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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