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Common Phosphate Mining Flotation Reagent

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flotation cell

Nowadays. The most common phosphate mining method is flotation process.

Phosphate rock mining collector

The main purpose of phosphate rock mining collector is to increase the mineral surface hydrophobic and make it attached to the bubble surface easily and increase its palatability. Phosphate ore flotation process has positive flotation and reverses flotation process. Generally, posit8ve flotation process uses fatty acids anionic collector, (Such as OT-8, WHM-P1, etc.), flotation phosphate mining and carbonate minerals, in reverse flotation, use amine cationic collector, (E.g., ether amines, aliphatic amines, polyoxyethylene amines, etc.)to process silicate gangue minerals. In addition, there is some gender collector, (such as α- amino acid, dodecyl -N- carboxyethyl -N- hydroxyethyl imidazoline) to process phosphate ore.

Phosphate rock mining frother

Phosphate mining medicament foaming agent is a surface active substance, rich in the water surface, its main function is promoting the foam, and to improve the stability of the bubble and particle effects in flotation process, to ensure that the particles contained in the slurry bubble could form on the surface and discharged. Phosphate mining foaming agent is usually no special requirements, similar to other minerals foaming agent, common: 2 # oil, 4 # oil, alcohol oil, etc.

Phosphate rock mining adjusting reagent

Phosphate rock mining adjusting reagent in pharmaceutical processing can be divided into four kinds of activators, inhibitors, media adjustments, dispersing and flocculants. Phosphate mining process often uses carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid, etc. to suppress t dolomite and calcite. Sodium silicate, sodium silicate, etc. are usually used to inhibit silicate minerals. Alkanolamides can be used as an activator in collecting gum phosphate ore and dolomite. Commonly used media modifier is lime, NaOH, etc.

The full effecting of pharmaceutical and pulp need good phosphate rock mining equipment, good flotation index is also inseparable from good phosphate mining equipment. Xinhai flotation has good quality, and enough air-inflation amount, agitation strength, it can form stable foam layer and operates stably, it can save energy consumption and make the process indexes in a good state, it also can save the investment cost and operation cost, Xinhai phosphate mining flotation can give you more benefits.

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